Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekly Capture LV

Heyo peoples! Hope your week has been as fun as ours has. I must say ours also had waaaay too much crazy busy happening, and a fair amount of bad moods, but we did get to enjoy many great blessings. Last weekend I got to see one of my best friends who happened to be in town for a mutual friend's bridal shower. Pretty much interpret that as Mama got lots of social time, and LegenDaddy did a wonderful job of holding down the fort. He even prepared everything, so our family could join some other friends with kiddos for a picnic Sunday evening. He's pretty much the bee's knees.  =)

The past week was peppered with fun outings. We started Monday with a wading pool/swingset/picnic fun day hosted in a friend's backyard, which my boys are still talking about. Then Tuesday a trip to this fancy frozen yogurt place, which was weighed by the ounce, and included every topping you can imagine. I was proud of my son's healthier choices (he chose strawberries and blueberries as 2 of his 3 toppings!). Then of course, we hit up our libraries (yes, we frequent several) a few times. We finally wrapped up last night with a trip to the Museum of Play with LegenDaddy's sister in honor of her birthday - the boyOs were thrilled to share their favorite haunts. And then today we checked off another Summer Bucket List activity. You can see everything we did in the photos below.

We're celebrating the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul tonight with a Feast of Spicy Fish, Avocado Soup, and Raspberry Tart (see the links for the recipes in the post!). I'm excited to be jumping back into truly celebrating the Church Feasts. We've been slacking quite a bit the past month and a half or so, so this is our first Summer Feast. Coming up soon are the Feasts of St. Thomas the Apostle (3 July), St. Maria Goretti (6 July),  and St. Benedict (11 July). Will you be celebrating any of these or others? I'd love to hear about your family's traditions!

How about July 4th? Does your family do anything special for the USA's birthday? This year we will be joining LegenDaddy's family to celebrate. Pictures will follow in the next Weekly Capture, so be on the lookout.

It's with sad faces that I say goodbye to Google Reader this coming week. I am trying out Feedly as my main reader right now, and thus far I'm liking it though honestly, I still am trying to get the hang of it. Check out the blog's new buttons up there on the right, and you can now Follow me via Feedly OR BlogLovin.  =) Or ya know, e-mail, if that's easier.

Out of the Mouth of Dom

Dom asked to be excused from the breakfast table, and then said, "Blaise is taking his sweet little time."

"I made you fresh lemonade and a banana. The banana is special. It was made in Germany."

"Goat cheese and mozzarella cheese are good for you. They give you the power."

"I don't want carrots because I had peppers for lunch."

"Can we pick rhubarb-berries, raspberries, *and* strawberries? It's going to be a fantastic day today!"
(We apparently were on a food kick this week.)   

Updates on Our B

Everything in his life is a climbing challenge these days. I found him up on the back of the couch like a kitten one afternoon. For many words, he's mastered the first and sometimes the last sound, but I think unless you're in our little family, you probably wouldn't have much luck at understanding him. He's pretty proud of himself though when I get what he is saying and respond accordingly.


We've been watching quite a bit of Psych lately since it's pretty much the only TV series we follow that has new episodes during the summer. Any other fun summer shows out there that both LegenDaddy and I might enjoy?

Listening To

I'm a little obsessesed with this song at the moment. Just ask my 3 year old who can sing along...

Checked off our Summer Bucket List

√ Pick berries (raspberries + strawberries + rhubarb-berries ;) today!)

  √ Make Popsicles

Links I enjoyed

Take the Quiz: What's Your Catholic IQ? :: Catholic Vote Hilariously funny, and you'll probably fail, even if you're a Catechist.

Top 5 Regrest of the Dying :: The Guardian An interesting view - add in a couple like participate in the Sacraments more, and you're most likely set.

8 Foods We Eat in the US that are Banned in Other Countries :: Buzzfeed This might turn you off a fair amount of processed foods, which is probably not a bad thing.

 7 QT Friday #20 Poop of Fame edition + Writing Insecurities + Desperate Fashion Designing :: Carolyn @ 4 Life 4 Life For all of you who need a good laugh, you may thank me. Well, thank Carolyn.

A Random Moment of Artsiness

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