Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Five Favorites {Vol. 17}

Wow. It's been quite a week, so I feel I actually need to stop, and a Five Favorites post is the perfect way this morning. With packing our whole house up in prep to move, being in between vacations, and putting together activities and food for St. Benedict's Feast Day tomorrow, I think I might be up to my eyeballs in to-do lists. So, here is my respite for the morning. Enjoy!


Why hellO there, Beautiful books! Pretty sure my already much over-filled bookshelves might need this colorful addition of Literary Classics from the Penguin Drop Caps series. I technically already own about half of these, but more lovely copies are always welcome on my shelves.

Good news for those who don't want to pay the steep price for the set: they're available singly (link to The Secret Life of Bees), too!



This Ikea Ekorre Hanging Seat would make an absolutely terrific addition to our new home. I have this little room right off our bedroom that we intend to make into a little book nook/reading area, and this Hammock seat would be perfect for in there. 


I have been on the lookout for a MeiTei style baby carrier for when we have our next kid (nope, not a pregnancy announcement) as I love my Moby, but the crazy long straps just aren't conducive for trips out of the house. I have a hard time finding patterns that I love in most carriers, so when I came across this Eric Carle animal themed carrier by Gracie and Sam on Etsy, I was thrilled. Our family is a huge fan of any Mr. Carle books, and the bright colors paired with the red straps is just perfect for me. So, for next baby, this is one of my top picks. =)


Mmmm. Yum. Think I need me some chocolate pudding, and obviously homemade is the way to go. This looks super delicious. Plus the author of the blog, Marc, sold me with this quote, "no, Hershey’s and Nestle don’t count as high quality "


Totally loving this attic converted photo studio of Meg Borders. What a sweet and cozy place. I dream of one day having some sort of space similar to this, where I can have an in home office and work space. It sure would beat having my "office" being one corner of the dining room. See more of her studio and its details here.

Happy Wednesday e'rybody! 

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  1. Ah! Those books are so fab I don't think I can adequately describe it. I'm so sad they're so much money...but they would make any bookshelf look like a million bucks!

    1. I know. I think I'd even feel bad asking for something this pricey for a bday present. =/

      The good news is they are available single-y as well - will add that note to the post... =)

  2. I think I need chocolate pudding right now! And I love that room. What a beautiful space! I wouldn't mind that in my house. :)

    1. Perhaps chocolate pudding party IN that room. That sounds right about perfect. =)


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