Thursday, July 25, 2013

Make Your Own Awesome Bubbles {Recipe}

These days Bubbles definitely make our Top 10 outdoor activities list. Dom is finally getting to that stage where he can help blow them, and B is delighted by the chasing and popping of them. And on a plus side, they are the perfect "calming tool" for those kiddOs who have temper tantrums brought on by being overly frustrated with their inability to communicate (ask me how I know this...). They've been such a great and quick way to get outside and enjoy the summery weather.

After pulling out a bottle of "Miracle" bubbles last week that were anything but miraculous, I decided to throw together a homemade mix.

Honestly, it makes ever so much more sense to make your own. They work better. They're Waaaaaaay cheaper and ever so easy. And for all you Real Foodies out there, it's the perfect use for that corn syrup you might have used way back when and now is sitting dusty on the back of some pantry shelf.

Here's our Homemade Mixture for Awesome Bubbles:

1/2 cup dish soap (Joy Non-Ultra Dishwashing Liquid has had the best results for us)

1/2 cup corn syrup

2 cups of H2O

Measure out all ingredients. Put first two ingredients into a container with sealing lid that you don't mind devoting to Bubbles. Put the top on and give the mixture a good shaking until the syrup starts to dissolve. Then add the water and shake well until thoroughly mixed.

Use old wands from other bubble experiences, check out this Bubble Bonanza (27 Pieces) Set, make your own wands from metal clothes hangers or pipe cleaners, or get creative with recycled materials. The possibilities are endless.

A photo attempt to show you how much we enjoyed these awesome bubbles. B mostly just wanted to show off his shark. Enjoy my lovely mama hairdo/it's-outta-my-face-for-now undo. 

And B's death stare in this one just kills me. 

Have fun blowing bubbles!


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  1. Miracle Bubbles: totally not miraculous! Thank you for confirming this!! I wasn't sure if there was just something wrong with me. I could NOT get decent bubbles. But I bought a big jug, and I can't bring myself to either buy new stuff or chuck it, so bubble-blowing just became kind of lame.

    I'll have to scour my mom's pantry to see if she's got any corn syrup hanging around . . . I'm not sure I can bring myself to buying new stuff.

    1. They really aren't! I was spitting soapy substance all over rather than actually blowing spherical shapes. And glycerin also works in place of corn syrup (not as common to have lying around, but it works all the same). Start out with 1/4 cup of glycerin and add more if needed. Good luck!

  2. Funny, I made this same recipe last week and LOVED it! I confess that until this recipe came along I was a closet Bubble Blowing Hater. Tedious and messy was my experience. But no more!

    I bought cheap big wands and my kiddos ran around forever in the yard making huge bubbles. They were so sad when it was all gone, must make more!

    Also, that's one adorable little death stare!

    1. Yay glad your kiddos are totally digging the bubble days, too! They are such simple + fun entertainment. And yes, Mr. B has the death stare mastered.


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