Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekly Capture LVIII

Well, long time no see, Weekly Capture! As it's been more than month since my last one, perhaps I should just call this an August capture. However, I feel there is so much happening in our lives in a katrillion directions that I will just keep this focussed on my regular topics for this little peek into our lives.

What's pretty much been occupying the majority of our energy and time has been moving (see some pictures of our new place here!). We've stayed put around the home front, working to ready our home for another year of preschool homeschool and as I announced a few weeks back, joining the Catholic Church. As an added joy and treat to our life, my little sister lived with us for a good part of the month while she attended a summer intensive program with our city's ballet company. I loved having both her company and the added help, and the boys were thrilled to have a live in Aunt.

As of right now, we have been attending mass at the local parish, in which there are three churches, at the church closest to our house. If we were more organized and better at getting out of the house, we could walk. The boys seem to be making the switch fairly well, and the 9am mass time is making mama + LegenDaddy happy campers since the boyOs are able to sit still better earlier. We're also in the process of finding sponsors to walk with us on our journey to coming into full Communion. I'd love your prayers for this because this has been an added stress this week for me since I have no local Catholic friends.

As far as homeschooling, this coming week we'll be starting back our year with a recap on the letters A-G in Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven: A Catholic Preschool Curriculum, and then continue on with the alphabet. I'm thinking right now we'll be a bit more proactive this year and aim to complete a letter a week. Dom is definitely up for it. I've already caught him reading sight words and sounding out harder ones this summer. I am also hoping (*fingers crossed*) to sneak away every 2 weeks or so to have some actual planning time where I can add some extra outings and activities to go alongside the curriculum.

LegenDaddy is plugging away at finishing up his Master's whilst still keeping up full time at his job. The end is near though, and hopefully with some long nights and putting in some weekend hours, the final stretch will be completed as soon as December. We sure can't wait to have more time with him and actually enjoy all his days off + vaca time, and I'm pretty sure he cannot wait to add all these activities and hobbies he's had to push to the side these past few years. ALSO, this will be the first time in our married life when neither of us will be in school. Pretty excited about that. =)

The major blog change this month with the changing of the address (if you haven't noted yet, the new address is ) actually went better than expected. I was a little worried I'd lose tons of readers, but my stats only seemed to dip a tiny bit. I also had my first feature on *another* blog with my thrifting piece over at Fine Linen + Purple! And to continue on the First train, this week was the start of my first giveaway here. {The giveaway for a set of Woolzies dryer balls is open through 12am on September 7th, so you still have time to enter!}

Now onto the rest of the Capture...

Dom and his life

So, Dominic's quote-worthiness was out of control over the past month, plus, you know, waiting 4 weeks does equal quite a pile-up, SO find some Dom quote love in a separate post later this weekend. =)
In other news, the boy is really getting into story-telling. This has not only manifested itself in random stories he wants to share with us, but also elaborate dreams at night and drawings that have an epic novel to accompany them in order to explain all the parts of the picture.

B-man Updates

So, those teeth that took a lifetime and many prolonged periods which I was sure the crankiness must be due to teething. Yeah, they came in. He now has 5 or 6 molars, incisors on their way in (I can actually see the whites this time), and still the 7 in front.

His vocabulary is becoming increased, and he tries to say all kinds of things. Still pretty sure I'm the only one who understands most of what he says.

The newest obsession for the B-man. Light switches. I'm pretty sure children of this age are as captivated by the light as moths though I can at least say his brainpower might be a little higher since he revels in the switching on and the switching off. Everlasting rave shows!

Listening To

Took Dom for his first movie theatre experience to see the Planes movie. Of course being Mr. SmartyPants, he comes home and requests the soundtrack off of Spotify. Annnnd, that's what I've been listening to.

When I get the chance to play the Mama Mix, I've thrown in a bit of Paloma Faith {Fall To Grace} to my playlist at the recommendation of my sister. Do you have any Autumn inspired tunes for the coming month?

Checked off our Summer Bucket List

With summer drawing to a close, you'll see that we've been working at checking off as much as we can from our Summer Bucket List! Amazingly, we haven't done too shabby of a job.

Visit a splash park √

Eat ice cream at a creamery √
My brother + his girlfriend were in town for a few nights. That's her, isn't she gorgeous (super jealous of her locks!!!)?

Finish library summer reading program √
Ok, so this is not exactly the reading part rather the celebratory afterwards.
Also please be impressed with this awesome ice cream sharing happening- I sure was!

Read books outside in the grass √
A great way to get in listening to chapter books!

And, not on our original Bucket List, buuuut we went on a fabulous day trip to
a local amusement + water park! The boys loved it as did the adults.

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