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Woolzies Dryer Balls {Review}

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I was given the fun opportunity to try out a product I would possibly buy anyways. Woolzies Dryer Balls sent me a set to review AND I get to offer one reader a set of their own! I'm always super excited to try out things that make my life more simple whilst remaining green and eco-friendly, so these Dryer Balls were perfect. Read on to hear my takes on why I loved this product, and enter for a chance to try out your very own! (Giveaway is now over)

First off, a little About the Product
Woolzies Dryer Balls are handmade in Nepal using high end wool from New Zealand. They are then distributed by a company in the Hudson Valley of NY (yay NY!).

As you well know, I'm all for reusable products as I hate to throw away pretty much anything. These bad boys will last you at least 1000 washes (or your money back)! And by washes, I mean "dries." You can immediately ditch the softener AND the dryer sheets, and instead throw these Dryer Balls right into the dryer with your wet load o' laundry.

Anybody that's read about the crud that typical laundry softeners are made of should probably think twice before pouring that baby color, liquidy stuff into their wash. The chemicals in them are horrible for you and your family! If you don't believe me, read this article from Natural News. Chloroform just doesn't sound pleasant at all.
Instead Woolzies are HypoAllergenic + Great for Sensitive Skin. Everyone in my little household has super dry and sensitive skin, and most of us experience eczema breakouts several times a year, so I am always careful about what touches our laundry.
Even those with wool sensitivities can use these since they only come in contact with your laundry and not you. If that was the case, I'd just recommend not rubbing the actual dryer ball all over your skin...

These particular dryer balls have no dyes or chemicals of any kind. Even the rubber and plastic dryer balls that are becoming popular on store shelves are still full of chemicals. Though they are reusable, as soon as they heat up in the dryer, they release the chemicals that are in the rubber or plastic.
They are scent free though an essential oil can be added directly to the dryer ball and thrown in with your dry laundry for a 15 minute air dry to leave a lovely scent, if desired.

I happen to be a practical person. OK, maybe more I strive to be a practical person, especially when it comes to saving time and making my household run a wee bit more smooth. Bring in time savers! Woolzies save 25% or more on your drying time! They naturally separate and move your laundry about which helps to reduce static and dry your clothing faster. I noticed my clothes were dry about 10 minutes sooner on a load that would normally take 50 minutes to dry. This is particularly great when drying cloth diapers that take forever to dry (think prefolds + fitteds!)

At first the $34.95 price for a set of 6 dryer balls might seem a bit steep, but then think about the alternatives:
1 Set of Woolzies - $34.95 for 1000 washes = less than $0.04 a load (Shipping is free in USA!)
1 Bottle of Downy Softener - $4.99 for 60 washes = over $0.08 a load
1 Box Bounce Dryer Sheets - $2.49 for 80 sheets = about $0.03 a sheet - typically you use 2-3 sheets per load

So, for a more eco-friendly, practical, and healthy option, you are at roughly the same or less cost!

Fair Trade + Socially Conscious 
If I haven't sold you yet, hopefully this one helps you think twice. Being handmade in the Democratic Republic of Nepal, this product helps to provide steady income to the needy women who live there.

Annnnd, a Great Entertainer for Toddlers
Oh, and if you're not using them often enough to feel like they need to stay in your laundry room, you can always add them to your Montessori play basket in the living room. They provide hours (or at least parts of hours) of entertainment. =)

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed using my Woolzies, and I intend to keep using them to test how they hold up over time. I'm thrilled to have a product that not only provides the softness I want to feel in my laundry but also adds nothing the fabrics. I love the "green" factors and being able to know this product was created in good social consciousness. And, of course a good deal on time and money is always attractive! The only downside I found was the noise they make whilst in the dryer... tis a bit thumpy, but for all the good they are, I can get over a bit of noise. I do live in a house of boys after all.

Also, I would like you, my readers, know how conscious I was each time I went to type out "balls" and instead wrote "dryer balls." =)

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary set of Woolzies Dryer Balls to review however all opinions are my own. I only review products I truly would use and therefore, recommend to you.

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  1. Lack of chemicals is definitely most appealing to me - my husband is a dryer sheet addict!

  2. Lack of chemicals and faster drying times when we can't line dry in the winter!

  3. (If I commented twice, I'm sorry, just tried and wasn't sure if it went through or not...). Anyhows, faster drying time definitely sounds most appealing to me, especially in winter or on rainy days when I can't dry outside (lack of chemicals is a very very close second)!

  4. The most appealing aspect of the Woolzies dryer balls is the LACK of chemicals!!! :-)

  5. Less drying time and lack of chemicals. I like not having to buy dryer sheets.

  6. Decreased dry time is the most appealing, second being a natural clothes softener

  7. I like the reduced drying time!

  8. The most appealing thing about dryer balls is the lower electricity cost.

  9. No chemicals is probably the biggest draw, with faster drying time/lower electric bill being a close second.

  10. No chemicals , for sure! I have a few dryer balls but I need more and these need replaced :-)

  11. I'll be honest...I don't use dryer balls at all...but I have a friend who is very environmentally conscious who does! :)

  12. I love the faster drying time - so many loads so little time!

  13. I like that it might not irritate my skin!

  14. BOTH lack of chemicals and shorter drying time!


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