Thursday, October 31, 2013

The BackBurner

You know how in life sometimes things slide to the backburner? Well, sadly, the blog has had to take that spot the past several weeks as I catch up with the rest of life and attempt to get many things in order before the Advent Season hits.

Life just doesn't slow down, and along with family life, homeschooling, attempting to keep the house running and so forth, I've also picked up some extra work this season. This has been great for me as well as my business, but it has meant lots of editing taking precedence over the blog and other fun things. If you want to peek at what my Photography business looks like, check out my FB page here.

I promise I haven't forgotten about Two Os + More, nor am I giving up on the whole actually writing thing, but due to many things being in the air here in the O home, I have had to let the frequent posting slide a little bit. I'm not anywhere ready to give up though, and I am almost caught up on other stuff, SO that means you, my lovely readers, can be on the lookout for new posts SOON! Many ideas are swirling in my head, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I highly suggest you check out Ordinary Acts, a lovely guide being put together by Molly of Molly Makes Do with submissions by many writers from around the blogosphere! Sign up now on the site to receive e-mail updates or connect with other forms of Social Media.

I hope you are each enjoying a lovely Autumn full of colorful leaves, fragrant spices, crunchy apples, and all the delights of this season! 


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