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What's On YOUR Bookshelf?

   Nothing like a good link-up to get one out of a blogging slump. Modern Mrs. Darcy always has a fresh outlook on life with lots of bibliophile love happening on her site, and when I saw her most recent link-up idea: What's On YOUR Bookshelf? for sharing what is on the bookshelves of your home, I knew I had to share a peek at ours.

We are huge book lovers in our house as you'll soon see from the WAY TOO MANY photos of most of our bookshelves (yes, I omitted a few and we have some boxed up still). 

Both LegenDaddy and I came into our marriage with many, many books although I beat him by at least 5 times as many.

Our house is somewhat of a book tour with each shelf featuring a different genre of books.

To the left is a living room bookshelf featuring our religious books, children's/young adult fiction chapter books, a selection of picture books, and then the Calvin + Hobbes collection and some other random books on the bottom.

Close up of the children's/young adult fiction shelf: I loved the Bobbsey Twins as a child and read many of them at my grandparent's house whenever I could. Now whenever I see a hardback copy of one, I pick it up. 

A close up of our Religious book section: Many of these books are new additions that we've been poring over as we've made our journey into the Catholic Church. A mix of Church Fathers with modern thinkers covering philosophy, apologetics, history, the sacraments, family life, and more.

Another Living Room shelf with an eclectic assortment of History, Math, fitness, reference, and other books that hadn't found a shelf  yet.  

Before you head up the stairs, there is a crate of my GIANT books, mostly photography books, but also a few Civil War history books, and a Normal Rockwell collection as well.

First stop upstairs, the boy's bedroom. Since we try to encourage our children to read as much as possible, books are placed at easily accessible spots for each child.

Metal cubby holes have provided a great transitional spot for books that my almost 4 year old looks at during his rest time. Big enough to hold the "Look + Find" style of books yet sturdy enough to accomodate some heavier choices, we have this one right at the foot of his bed.

We have several small baskets around the house to put our ever-rotating board books in. Another easy access point for small hands.

The boys' nicer books are kept in this shelf, where we try to keep the books in a little bit tidier state.

A close up of some of our favorite children's books.

Here is my favorite, favorite bookshelf. My dad made this shelf for me when I was high school. In this house, we keep this one that is filled with all my classic fiction, plays, and poetry, and we keep it out in our reading room.

And, no, it's not an illusion. The shelf does magically get bigger as it goes to the top. My dad is a genius. =)

And this is what happens when you own too many paperback classics... I also am anal and keep them in alphabetic order according to authors' last names, but somehow the ones that ended up on the floor are not the end of the alphabet...

And lastly, here is our SUPER messy shelf, otherwise known as the magazine and library shelf. Ever changing. Ever untidy. But, it is the most used of all our shelves, so I forgive it for being such a mess. 

Oh, and pretend there's not painter's tape all over it...

Missing are our cookbooks to be found along the counter in the kitchen as well as any of my craft/blogging/presently using for whatever which are lain about on my desk.

My faves are mostly the ones found in our reading room as they're lovelies that I've collected over the years at many a used book sale. It's hard to pick a favorite though when they all seem like old friends. There are just so many I love.

As far as most used, these days it's probably my growing collection of liturgical home and ideas books.  Presently my Harry Potters are in a state of being re-read, and I am plowing through a few religious/faith books. I really need to attend to my Book List for 2013 as we draw this year to a close.

And there you are, a tour of our bookshelves throughout out house. Head over to The Modern Mrs. Darcy to see many others' fabulous shelves.

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  1. First, you have beautiful name :-) second, you have lots of books so your blog has become my favourite now.

    We have plenty of books too, less organised shelves than yours though.
    That taped shelf looks so funny and makes me feel less bad about my minimalistic furniture :-D

    1. Thanks! I do have a lot of books... but not enough shelves. I'm so glad my taped shelf is an aid to someone. It drives me crazy, but not enough so to unload it and finish painting. =)

  2. Oh Sarah, your books are great! And I love how your kids books are so well kept. I have hoards of books that I cleanse from my kids because the covers are broken and ripped, I'm always fixing a book, and I've got drawers full of books I take out of circulation because we have so many! Picture books are almost as addictive as adult books in the shopping department. And you alphabetize...that's pretty badass.

    1. There is actually a book on my kitchen counter at the moment begging repair. So, no worries, we are in the same boat with the ever fixing of kid's books.

      We have a destructive rule in our house that I think is the only reason our kid's books have managed to stay *mostly* together. I have still had to throw a few out that were beyond repair. Sadly. =/

  3. You're house is like mine - when I saw this link up I was thinking "WHICH bookcase" - we have 3 in our living room alone, with new shelves in progress, books in the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the hallway, the basement, the car, the kitchen and even the staircases... and that's pretty much all the rooms and spaces in our house.

    1. Yes! It had to be a bookshelf tour rather than just a peek at ONE bookshelf. We are in dire need of new shelves. I had to box up many books and put them in the attic for now until we have more shelving space. Hooray for books everywhere though. =) Makes a house ever more homey.

  4. <3 Love all of this; hearing from you, seeing your bibliophioia...the *awesome* bookcase that your Dad it all... :D

    1. Oh yay. =) Isn't it the awesomest? I feel like I might have gotten it somewheres around the time I last saw you... which now happens to be quite awhile ago. Sad face.

  5. I love that you refer to it all as a 'book tour'. Sometimes I forget that some people only keep books in one room or on one shelf.
    And books as "old friends" - yes, yes! I love to see my children develop friendships with old books that have been in our families for years.

    1. It has to be a book tour in this house because obviously one shelf would leave you missing on all our book goodness!
      It's so wonderful to be able to pass down books from my childhood to my kids as well. I love it. =)

  6. Love these varied shelves for young and old, but my favorite is the vintage Bobbsey Twins collection. I wish I had a tradition like that--I need to come up with a brilliant idea so I can start one. :)

    Thanks for sharing your shelves with us!

    1. Love my Bobbsey Twin, too! It's definitely a favorite, especially when I can find an original printing copy. =)

      Thanks for hosting such an awesome link-up!


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