Saturday, December 28, 2013

Weekly Capture LXI

Happy 4th Day of Christmas! We are loving celebrating each day with something fun and special and will continue to do so until we reach the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6th).

Wow! It's been awhile, hasn't it? As of the last Weekly Capture, we still hadn't even celebrated Thanksgiving, and now we're past Advent and into the Season of Christmas. Our family has two Advent birthdays - Dominic's and mine. My big boy turned 4 - I can hardly believe that I've been a mama for that long! We celebrated his actual day with fun family activities including dinner out at a "fancy restaurant" - his description for a local BBQ joint.

The middle of December found us cutting down our annual tree in the bitter cold, celebrating with Dom's friends by hosting a gnome tea party, traveling to southern NY to see my siblings perform in the Nutcracker alongside dancers from the NYC Ballet, and enjoying some wintery fun with our extended family. We got home a few days before my birthday, which really was a day of too many naps for me. I was thoroughly exhausted from apparently everything because I slept in and then took two naps. Happy Birthday to me. =p

As a late Birthday present for me and an early Christmas present for us all, we learned that our sweet BabyO III is in fact another little man! Come Spring, we are excited to round off our trio of Musketeers.  AND LegenDaddy said he might have to build me my own wing of the domain with this ever increasing supply of testosterone outdoing the lady number in our house.

I have now been on a quest to find strong, beautiful mamas with boys holding the lead in their household, and besides my ever favorite, Molly Weasley, I have also remembered one of my favorite Irish families (they adopted me in on my many trips to the Emerald Isle) has a Mama of 7 boys and 1 girl. Plus Carolyn of 4Life4Life and Britt from The Fisk Files are both great mamas of 3 boys (thus far) AND terrific blogging ladies. Win/win.

Christmas crept up on me a little faster than I expected. We go super simple for gifts, and I had done my shopping for the boyOs early on. I'd also managed to find LegenDaddy his gifts in advance, too. However, any of our family's gifts got put off, and I'm just now starting to find items to gift unto them. Oh well. That's why we have a whole season, right?

Waiting after Mass for LegenDaddy to rescue the car from Timbuktu.

For Christmas Eve, we thought the Midnight Mass with carols sounded most lovely until we remembered that we have two kiddOs who go to bed well before then. Practicality won out and we attended our first ever Catholic Christmas Mass at 4pm on Christmas Eve. This is important because I completely forgot about C + Es (Christmas + Easter only goers), and even arriving on time found us in the standing only section. Halfway through some other parishioners must have had pity on the two (obviously unprepared) parents standing in the back holding wiggly boys and attempting to balance a pile of coats, hats, and mittens, too. We still made it though, and now I know to come early next year.

Christmas found us in our pajamas pretty much all day singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus around a homemade monkey bread "cake," slowly opening and playing with toys, games, and the like (it took over 6 hours to open everything and that was totally because of the pace not the amount!), snacking on leftovers from our Christmas Eve dinner, Skyping family that was far away, and thoroughly enjoying each other's company.

I have high plans to jump back into regular blogging in the New Year! The little guy in my belly seems to think this might be able to happen as I'm slowly regaining some of my morning and evening energy. This pregnancy still can be rated my most difficult to date with late nausea/vomiting that still hasn't gone away at the halfway point combined with some early heartburn, regular charlie horses in my calves, and very sore back and hip muscles. So, as long as I can manage to stay up later than my kiddOs or get up earlier than them, the posting shall return!

For now, enjoy some quick recaps on us:

Mr. Dom celebrated 4 years old and is excited about his new brother... now. First response, "Well, I wanted a girl, but I got a brother." We did a card exchange with some new friends, and not only did he have a blast making the cards, but each time one arrived in the mail for him, he was over the moon that he had received his own piece of mail. Pretty sure the Jesse Tree was his favorite Advent tradition this year - thankfully I had him around to remind me to add ornaments to our "tree" because otherwise we'd still be at the beginning.

Some quotes from his face (because we all know that's why you read these posts):

"Can you please act like an adult?" (Yes, he got told this was disrespectful after I stifled a chuckle)

"I am charming to hold."

"Blaise, if you get scared, you can just hold my hand" as he grabs B's hand while watching an intense scene in a movie.

"Mmmm smells like basil!" His thoughts on the tree once brought inside.

"Blaise used to like gambling." (Totally out of context as the backstory is long...)

I told him I wasn't ready for him to grow up.
His response: "I already had my time being little. Now I have to be big. That's how God designed me to be I'm a human being after all."

Talking about a wet spot on the floor in bathroom.
Dom: "It looks yellow."
David: "Well, it could be the light."
Dom: "It can't be the light because the light's up in the air."

Blaise is growing my leaps and bounds mentally and in talents and abilities. He's mastered most of the preschool puzzles in the house and continues to adore trains. I often find my little introvert playing for over an hour by himself up in his room at the boys' train table. His vocabulary has grown quite extensive, and he strings up the most clever little sentences.

One of his favorite parts of the month was the Pope's birthday. We sang Happy Birthday to him from afar (obviously) and talked a little about how important he is to us and our Church. Blaise was so in awe of it being the Pope's birthday that he mostly denied my birthday the next day, and as Christmas approached, we'd ask him, "Whose birthday is coming up?" His response: "Pope."

Blaise is slowly (very slowly) learning to give up things for his new baby bro. Mostly this includes the holding of mama. I still snuggle and cuddle up with him as much as ever but I am wary to carry him up and down stairs with the cramps that oft render my legs useless. Every day he'll lift my shirt to wish the baby "hello," which is pretty darned sweet if you ask me.

As this is ridonkulously LONG already, I'm going to skip what we've been reading, listening to, etc, and maybe I'll get an end of the month post with a little o that included. For now, enjoy the next 8 days of Christmas, and a Merry one to each and every one of you and your families. 

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

BabyO III is a ...

And the news it out! Our ultrasound yesterday showed one healthy, perfectly sized at 11 oz., little manchild. We're excited to add another little man to our mix.

 Although I'd have loved a little girl to add some estrogen, this Mama is super excited to be following in the footsteps of two of my favourite mamas in the world: Mrs. DeFaoite and Mrs. Weasley. Yes, one is reality and the other fiction, but they're both still women I look up to. =)

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Little Gent or Lady Baby?

The ultrasound for BabyO III is already upon us, and tomorrow morning we will finally see if our little one is another boy for the gang or a little girl to add some estrogen to this craziness!

I love hearing other people's guesses, so please, please leave a guess in the comments! It'll make my day.

For now, enjoy this photo I made my children suffer through posing for. Also, eye liner doesn't come off bellies as easily as expected...

Look for an exciting revealing announcement in the next day or two!

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WIWS {Vol. 2} A Warm Winter's Day + Obligatory Belly Shot

It's here! The fourth and final Sunday of Advent. It's been awhile since I've linked up with the lovelies over at Fine Linen + Purple for What I Wore Sunday... heck, I think I've only actually participated in that link-up one lonely time. So, it was time for an encore.

Originally the plan was to hit up 9am mass this morning, but with our hot water heater down (yup, Happy Early Christmas to us!) annnnd a lack of breakfast options in the fridge, we ended up going to the 9:45. I, however, was all set and ready to go to the earlier one. This is a never for me. Usually it is completely opposite with LegenDaddy and the small ones ready while I'm still chewing on my lip in front of the closet.

Nearly halfway through this pregnancy has put me at that awkward size where my belly is larger than a beer belly but still not at that beautifully glowingly pregnant appearance either. Annnd I hate maternity clothes on the whole. Which pretty much limits what I'm wearing these days. The weather was also pretty warm today - a balmy 35 with rain (yes, that's warm for us northerners), so I had to forego my usual sweaters and layers that turn non-maternity wear into covering and comfy clothing.

The above shot is so you can fully appreciate BOTH the back of my sweater AND my wiggly boys who can't bear not being in the shots. (You'd never know this when I try to get them to actually pose for a portrait...)

And here is baboo. Cute and bumplike. Moving but not too crazy - I'd put this one's movement right in between the two boys. Tomorrow morning is our ultrasound, so I'm taking all guesses as to boy or girl today only. =) 

Not to be left out, Blaise also wanted a picture with me "cheesing" as he calls it. Annnd, no I didn't purposefully dress my kids in red and green while we are still in the Advent Season. It was pure coincidence, and they don't own any purple anyhow.

What I'm sporting today:

Dress: Saturday/Sunday from Anthropologie, found at the Super Post-Christmas Sale last year
Sweater: Moth, Consigned
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Bass

Hooray for the chicas over at Fine Linen + Purple who are ever patient with those like me who rarely link-up. Go check out the link to see some other fine outfits being worn by other lovelies.

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent to you all as we remember the Love that is fulfilled with the Nativity of Our Lord in just a few days!


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Thursday, December 12, 2013

3 Reasons I Love Advent

We're nearly halfway done with Advent as we approach Gaudete Sunday this coming Sunday. Can you believe it? It's a relatively short season anyhow, but this year, it has gone by especially fast. Maybe it's just me, but I could swear we *just* lit the first candle a few days ago. Thankfully, it's never too late to sit back and think about the reasons I love this season in the Church so much. 

Micaela from California to Korea is hosting a link-up this month focusing her usual: 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism on this season specifically, and I figured I'd join in. Better late, than never, right?

Here are some things that I love most about this time of Preparation as we hope, wait, and pray for the coming of our Savior each year fulfilled in the Feast of the Nativity.

1. Traditions (New + Old)

Anyone who regularly read or even peruses this blog should know by now that I am a lover of traditions, stories, and passing these on to each generation. Advent has been a part of my December for as long as I can recall, and now in my home I have made sure to celebrate with the Advent wreath of my Childhood as well as add other things like the Jesse Tree, Saints feast days throughout the season, and more.

This is our first year of making our own Advent candles (we used this awesome set of DIY beeswax candles from Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles, and even the 22 month old could help!). For those that live in cold climates and keep your heat low, a tip for you. Our beeswax was not in the least moldable, so we cut the sheets in half, placed them on baking sheets, and then put them in the oven with the door open at 190ยบ for a minute or two. It helped tremendously, so if you also keep your house at a balmy 63 degrees, hope that helps!

It's also our first year of having a Jesse Tree. Our Jesse "Tree" is simply some branches wrapped in embroidery thread stuck into a mason jar. Our set of ornaments if from Jesse Tree Treasures - it's perfect. I knew I'd never actually make a beautifully crafted set despite a katrillion "how tos" to be found on Pinterest, so a premade set this gorgeous is exactly the Advent gift I needed. We tell a short story of each character to be found on the ornament and read the even shorter prayer included with the set. It is right at what my boys can not only handle but also enjoy. I also love that we are passing down the stories that made up Jesus' family line.

2. Focus + Perspective 

An admittedly hard part of Advent that requires some mental work on my part, I love how the Season of Advent helps us put the proper Focus and Perspective on Christmas. Bowing out of a lot of Christmas activities until the actual Season of Christmas helps a lot though. Singing "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" day in and day out, patiently lighting only one candle at a time, and doing our Christmas tree in steps is a simple way for me to focus this Season on preparing my heart, mind, and soul for the coming of Christ.

It means that while this Season is one of quiet preparation and getting ready and counting down the days, the upcoming Season of Christmas can be celebrated for ALL it's worth.

3. Quiet Preparation 

Participating in Advent Unplugged has given me an extra umph in the keeping this season quiet in my mind and ever planning/thinking/scheming self. I have been making a point to focus more on my family, our domestic Church, and letting Advent progress at its own rate without trying to rush and hurry along any of the Christmas prep encouraged by the secular world.

As much as I am a planner and doer, I am loving this Quiet and Peace within my household. It's pretty lovely.

Those are just 3 of the beautiful things I love about this Season. Follow the link below to see Michaela's  as well as other 3 Reasons.

Stop, breathe in, and simply enjoy and rest in these moments of Advent! A blessed Season to each of you!


Linking up with California to Korea with 3 Reasons I Love Advent

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Unplugged: Check In for Week 2

As we continue through the second week of Advent, I am taking a quick look at my self challenge to trade technology for silence. I am joining with Haley of Carrots for Michaelmas and other lovely blogging peoples. On the 10th day in, with Advent nearly halfway over, I'll give myself a B- overall thus far.

We have been adding a few new traditions to our family observances, which I have been aiming to keep simple as much as possible in efforts to not overwhelm myself... not sure if it's more exhausting to try to carefully plan and pace ourselves or not. We got ourselves a tree this past weekend in the freezing NY temps of upper teens. A little wind and grumpy kiddOs helped to make it somewhat miserable.

Last night we added lights in honor of Christ coming to be the Light of the World. As we did last year, we will add the ornaments post Gaudete Sunday, which believe it or not is already sneaking up on us THIS coming Sunday.

As far as the Advent Unplugged Challenge:

I *did* move the social media apps on my phone, mostly because when I am stuck feeling sick and curled up in bed with BabyO III, I need something brainless to get me through the gucky moments. I still find myself meandering towards them sometimes during the day when I could definitely be loving on my boyOs, accomplishing some gift or Christmas prep, or just resting/praying/reading. Hence the lower grade.

I'm debating trying to find some sort of Internet stopper for certain times in the day that I know I tend to be tempted towards the lure of the computer screen. Then I will effectively be able to just not have browser time when I know will be perfect times to spend enjoying every ooze of childhood moments.

The focussed silence I had hoped for is not making an appearance, so that is one thing I shall be working towards getting in this next week. I've been crashing at night though and peeling myself out of bed in the mornings, typically with a whiny Blaise. It's been another tired pregnant week - this round has been the tiredest of ALL my pregnancies I think.

My reading has not been in the "completing my 2013" list as I'd hoped BUT I did read, finish, and thoroughly enjoy: Pope Awesome and Other Stories by the fabulous Cari Donaldson.

If you haven't read it yet, add it to your Christmas wish list NOW. It's definitely a keeper. 

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (by Barbara Robinson) has also made it to the top of my reading list. A childhood favorite of mine (and LegenDaddy's), I pulled it out, thinking Dom might be old enough to enjoy it a little. Judging by his constant begging to read another chapter, I'm going to go with Yes, he loves it. 

So, we have been reading a chapter here and there alongside our other Nativity books of which I bring out one or two a day to add to a basket by our fireplace. To see some of our favorites, check out this post from last year

So, Goals I plan to keep in mind as we continue along this Unplugged Advent: 

  • At least start/continue one of my many books I wish to read
  • Make a concerted effort to shut up and focus for 15 minutes

And there you go. Hope you are enjoying a blessed and focussed Advent season!


Linking up with Haley @ Carrots for the rest of Advent Unplugged


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Friday, December 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes : Life, Thankfulness, and a wee bit o sap... oh, and an announcement

And plunging right in today because I have LOTS to say and exactly 27 minutes to get it writ.

In my last 7QT, I opened with a prayer request for my grandfather who was in the dying stage of Alzheimer's. He died soon after, and I have spent a lot of time pondering Life and all it holds for us since then. These past few weeks, I have fully realized how true is the blip from the poem, A.H. Memoriam, by Lord Alfred Tennyson:
I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

My grandfather meant a lot to me. He taught me simple things like how to play Leap Frog and how to parallel park. And by his actions, he showed me that it is always worth it to be kind, that every person is owed dignity and respect, and how important it is to be true to myself.

I am so thankful for all the moments I *did* get to enjoy with him. I meant to write this in a post closer to Thanksgiving, but hey, I'm thankful for Life every day.

{Who am I kidding? Stay at home mama of two lil boys... 27 minutes straight? That's a joke!}

In light of the above, also in my prayers for the repose of their soul as of late is the father of Rosie (from A Blog for My Mom) and Meg (from Held By His Pierced Hands) and a few other friends who have recently lost babies in utero, a grandmother, and some friends whose babies would have been born around this timeframe. My heart breaks for each of these people.

This 'Pregnancy After Lost' article by Dwija the other day, I thought, was beautifully put. I have not had a miscarriage of now, but I know so many people who have suffered from that loss. I pray I don't ever have to go through that, but as Dwija said, "When I think about it, loss is always waiting for us on the other side of love anyway. I mean, my born kids could 
die before I do. My husband could (and likely will!), die before I do. Friends can move. Pets can run away. Loss all over the place. So I guess I need to work on (am working on!) appreciating the fact that the love is worth it despite the loss."

Congratulations to her and their whole family, by the way, for the newest blessing in their family!
In light of THAT happy news, *we* also have some news.
Baby O-bot the Third is rapidly growing on the insides and is set for arrival in mid-May. Actual due date is May 15th, but I'm gonna judge by my last babies and say don't be surprised if he/she waits a week... or two.

Baby O III hit the 17 week mark yesterday, and the extra drama/stress/emotion added to my life these past few weeks is mostly why I'm only just announcing it. Maybe I'll go early and have our wee one the same day as Grace...

We're pretty flippin' excited. 

Pretend that I don't look majorly distorted here and you can peek as me masquerading as an elf with a bitty bump.
--- 5 ---
The baby can also take the blame for why not much has happened around here the past few months. That random writing blackout in the Fall was due to the worst morning sickness I have had yet. "Morning" to my kids really means evening, and for this little one, it meant 
noon until I went to sleep at night. And no strong flavors. And definitely NO sugar.
Vitamin B6 finally kicked in to prove to be a lifesaver. It minimized the puking from 10-12 times a day to only a few times a week. God. Send.

The taking Advent slow thing (as I link up with Haley and other brave folk) is going fairly well. I definitely will not pretend to be good at it, BUT I have had some super fun quality time with my boyOs.
Yesterday, I asked Dom what he wanted to do, and he replied, "It's been awhile since we got to go to that farm, so let's go do that." We have a local rescue farm for not only abandoned and abused cats and dogs but also for llamas, emus, and other random farm domestic animals. It had finally gone above 40 degrees, so off we trekked into muddy fun. And to see a giant, somewhat odd, cow statue.

And lastly, today is St. Nicholas Day, so chocolate all around! Even LegenDaddy and I got treats in our shoes. The two extra pairs of shoes, if you didn't see my St. Nicholas post, are new slippers for each of the boys. So, no, we're not having twins. 

Happy Quick Takes and more importantly, Happy St. Nicholas Day! Your prayers are much appreciated for Baby O III. Thanks!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas

Sneaking right up on us (this year it's this coming Friday!) on December 6th is the feast day of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. Last year I wrote up a post on celebrating this feast day, but I figured I'd add a few things that I've found, both that we have done and that we plan to try out this year. St. Nicholas is one of those saints I cannot wait to meet once I make it to heaven.

I imagine him to be one of those people who blend into society as a whole until you attack someone or something they love. In St. Nicholas' case, I'd say that something was his Faith. Underneath his sweet and giving nature, Nicholas also had a spitfire temper. Orphaned as a boy, Nicholas was raised by his uncle who was a Bishop in the Church. Nicholas put little stock in earthly treasure and instead, gave of his great wealth to bless others who were in need. He grew up following a call for the priesthood on his life and ended up as the Bishop of Myra.

One of my favorite tales about this great saint is from a story that tells of Bishop Nicholas attending the Council of Nicea in 325. Arius was there defending his claim that the Word was not always in existence (one of the basis for Arianism, which is obviously proven false by John 1:1). After listening to these claims for a bit, Nicholas couldn't take it any longer and gave Arius a sound punch in the face. Perhaps not the best display of action, but it definitely shows a whole new side of Nicholas' passion for the Truth.

Our Family Traditions

Every year on the Eve of St. Nicholas (so, yes tomorrow the 5th!), everybody places one pair of shoes outside their door. It's rather cold here, so we usually just place them outside the bedroom doors. However, this year we have a fireplace, so I will probably have each person put them there.

A 13th-century Egyptian depiction of St. Nicholas fromSaint Catherine's MonasterySinai

We then tell the tale of how St. Nicholas saved three young girls who lacked in a dowry by filling their shoes with gold coins in the secret of the night. In the morning everyone (including mom and dad) awake to a sweet treat hidden in their shoes. I found chocolate coins at Trader Joe's this year, which are a bit healthier than your typical foil wrapped chocolate, but you can often find them in many grocery's bulk section.

My boys will be receiving new slippers this year as well, an idea I got from Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas, who gifts her children new shoes each year. Shoes aren't as practical for us, but with my money saving plans of keeping the heat below 65 in the house, slippers will be a blessing all around.


There are cookie, cake, and dessert recipes galore out there - Google and ye shall find!

If your palate desires something more savory, here is a perfect plan for dinner:

Twelve Months of Monastery Soups by Brother Victor D'Avila-Latourrette has a lovely vegetable soup, which is perfect this year since St. Nicholas Day falls on a First Friday. Here is a link from the St. Nicholas Center that features that recipe if you don't own the book. I don't yet, but it is on my Christmas wish list. =)

Crafts + Activities

Collect canned goods or winter gear for a local soup kitchen. Have your children decide on something to give away they don't use any more or often.

There are many coloring sheet options here at the St. Nicholas Center website.

And WOW, want to make a St. Nicholas figure to decorate your family home alter or other space? They also have a list of great ideas! Too. Much. Fun.

To Read

Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend by Julie Stiegemeyer + illustrated by Chris Ellison

I have not read either of these stories about St. Nicholas as of yet, but I have heard excellent things about both from several sources.


Heavenly Father,
as Christmas draws near we commemorate the feast-day of your beloved Bishop and Saint, Nicholas.
We love and honour his memory because of his tender concern for children and for the poor.
We thank you for the merriment that his feast has brought down all the centuries.
We ask you from the bottom of our hearts to help us to remember, on his feast-day,
that we should try to retain the innocence of childhood and a sincere faith in you all our lives.
Show us, too, how to share the good things that we have with others,
and to imitate St Nicholas in generosity and goodwill.
We ask him to pray for us from his place in Heaven.

Happy Feast Day of St. Nicholas to you and yours! I'd love to know some of your family's traditions - old and new, so please share in the comments your favorite things to do on this special day.


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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Trading Technology for Silence {Advent Unplugged}

I am mentally in the middle of three posts, all a little on the late side, but here is one extra on top of those. I saw this post on Carrots for Michaelmas earlier on in the week and thought immediately to myself "Ooooh, yeah, no that might be too much." And then I tried to come up with three good reasons for not giving up some of my over-loved technology. And of course, I couldn't.

So, joining I am. A little grudgingly, I must admit. But as I often tell my kiddOs, "It's good for the soul, and sometimes we just have to deal." Thus, I am linking up to Advent Unplugged in the last 4 hours of the link-up. But as I haven't lit my Advent candle yet, I think I'm doing ok...


Here are my plans for an Unplugged Advent Season:

Moving the social media apps from my phone, so they're not on the front screen. Therefore, if I am out and need to check something, I can, but I'll be avoiding it as much as I can. I also plan to not carry my phone around as much as possible.

I work from my desktop, so I can't turn it off completely, BUT I will limit that time (Enter: timers!), and level of productivity will play into whether or not I'm on the computer. So, minimal social media and messing around, more blogging (perhaps?), and lots of peaceful Advent tunes.

Engage in some reading that I've been putting off otherwise this year. *Cough, cough* Orthodoxy by G. K. Chesterton should be a first. Yeeps - it's been over a year since it was added to the "To Read" list. With all that extra time NOT spent on FB, Pinterest, and the like, I should have more than plenty the hours to put into digging in.

Spend time doing fun and memory-building activities with my boyOs. It's my oldest's birthday today, and let me tell you, four years FLIES by. I keep tearing up just thinking about it. We are going to make many of our gifts for extended family this year, so I'd love to spend time working on my patience and flexibility while getting my craft and artsiness on with these precious peoples.

Include moments of focused silence in my day. Even just 15 minutes of quiet prayer time or a few decades of the rosary would be so beneficial to my soul. Though I know this deep down, those 15 minutes rarely appear readily. So make that time, I shall.

And that concludes that. I plan to be simple in my Advent "plans" this year and attempting as little over-planning and stuffing up of my schedule as possible. If you want to join me, Haley, and other in Unplugging Advent, you can go here to sign up. However, you must HURRY because as I said, I've been procrastinating in signing up... Or you could always do it all on your own. Feel free to let me know if you in the comments, and I will offer up a rosary or chaplet for you this Advent season!

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