Thursday, December 12, 2013

3 Reasons I Love Advent

We're nearly halfway done with Advent as we approach Gaudete Sunday this coming Sunday. Can you believe it? It's a relatively short season anyhow, but this year, it has gone by especially fast. Maybe it's just me, but I could swear we *just* lit the first candle a few days ago. Thankfully, it's never too late to sit back and think about the reasons I love this season in the Church so much. 

Micaela from California to Korea is hosting a link-up this month focusing her usual: 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism on this season specifically, and I figured I'd join in. Better late, than never, right?

Here are some things that I love most about this time of Preparation as we hope, wait, and pray for the coming of our Savior each year fulfilled in the Feast of the Nativity.

1. Traditions (New + Old)

Anyone who regularly read or even peruses this blog should know by now that I am a lover of traditions, stories, and passing these on to each generation. Advent has been a part of my December for as long as I can recall, and now in my home I have made sure to celebrate with the Advent wreath of my Childhood as well as add other things like the Jesse Tree, Saints feast days throughout the season, and more.

This is our first year of making our own Advent candles (we used this awesome set of DIY beeswax candles from Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles, and even the 22 month old could help!). For those that live in cold climates and keep your heat low, a tip for you. Our beeswax was not in the least moldable, so we cut the sheets in half, placed them on baking sheets, and then put them in the oven with the door open at 190ยบ for a minute or two. It helped tremendously, so if you also keep your house at a balmy 63 degrees, hope that helps!

It's also our first year of having a Jesse Tree. Our Jesse "Tree" is simply some branches wrapped in embroidery thread stuck into a mason jar. Our set of ornaments if from Jesse Tree Treasures - it's perfect. I knew I'd never actually make a beautifully crafted set despite a katrillion "how tos" to be found on Pinterest, so a premade set this gorgeous is exactly the Advent gift I needed. We tell a short story of each character to be found on the ornament and read the even shorter prayer included with the set. It is right at what my boys can not only handle but also enjoy. I also love that we are passing down the stories that made up Jesus' family line.

2. Focus + Perspective 

An admittedly hard part of Advent that requires some mental work on my part, I love how the Season of Advent helps us put the proper Focus and Perspective on Christmas. Bowing out of a lot of Christmas activities until the actual Season of Christmas helps a lot though. Singing "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" day in and day out, patiently lighting only one candle at a time, and doing our Christmas tree in steps is a simple way for me to focus this Season on preparing my heart, mind, and soul for the coming of Christ.

It means that while this Season is one of quiet preparation and getting ready and counting down the days, the upcoming Season of Christmas can be celebrated for ALL it's worth.

3. Quiet Preparation 

Participating in Advent Unplugged has given me an extra umph in the keeping this season quiet in my mind and ever planning/thinking/scheming self. I have been making a point to focus more on my family, our domestic Church, and letting Advent progress at its own rate without trying to rush and hurry along any of the Christmas prep encouraged by the secular world.

As much as I am a planner and doer, I am loving this Quiet and Peace within my household. It's pretty lovely.

Those are just 3 of the beautiful things I love about this Season. Follow the link below to see Michaela's  as well as other 3 Reasons.

Stop, breathe in, and simply enjoy and rest in these moments of Advent! A blessed Season to each of you!


Linking up with California to Korea with 3 Reasons I Love Advent

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  1. Your Jesse Tree is GORGEOUS! I just love love love it. Did you make those wrapped branches yourself? Last year we just did plain sticks. I wish i would have thought of wrapping them. This year we have a store bought bush. It's pretty, but it lacks the drama of the bare branches.

    Thanks so much for linking up, Sarah!

    1. Thanks! I did make them myself - I just used sticks from the yard, tacky glue and embroidery floss in several colors. Thanks for hosting a fun link-up!


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