Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Unplugged: Check In for Week 2

As we continue through the second week of Advent, I am taking a quick look at my self challenge to trade technology for silence. I am joining with Haley of Carrots for Michaelmas and other lovely blogging peoples. On the 10th day in, with Advent nearly halfway over, I'll give myself a B- overall thus far.

We have been adding a few new traditions to our family observances, which I have been aiming to keep simple as much as possible in efforts to not overwhelm myself... not sure if it's more exhausting to try to carefully plan and pace ourselves or not. We got ourselves a tree this past weekend in the freezing NY temps of upper teens. A little wind and grumpy kiddOs helped to make it somewhat miserable.

Last night we added lights in honor of Christ coming to be the Light of the World. As we did last year, we will add the ornaments post Gaudete Sunday, which believe it or not is already sneaking up on us THIS coming Sunday.

As far as the Advent Unplugged Challenge:

I *did* move the social media apps on my phone, mostly because when I am stuck feeling sick and curled up in bed with BabyO III, I need something brainless to get me through the gucky moments. I still find myself meandering towards them sometimes during the day when I could definitely be loving on my boyOs, accomplishing some gift or Christmas prep, or just resting/praying/reading. Hence the lower grade.

I'm debating trying to find some sort of Internet stopper for certain times in the day that I know I tend to be tempted towards the lure of the computer screen. Then I will effectively be able to just not have browser time when I know will be perfect times to spend enjoying every ooze of childhood moments.

The focussed silence I had hoped for is not making an appearance, so that is one thing I shall be working towards getting in this next week. I've been crashing at night though and peeling myself out of bed in the mornings, typically with a whiny Blaise. It's been another tired pregnant week - this round has been the tiredest of ALL my pregnancies I think.

My reading has not been in the "completing my 2013" list as I'd hoped BUT I did read, finish, and thoroughly enjoy: Pope Awesome and Other Stories by the fabulous Cari Donaldson.

If you haven't read it yet, add it to your Christmas wish list NOW. It's definitely a keeper. 

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (by Barbara Robinson) has also made it to the top of my reading list. A childhood favorite of mine (and LegenDaddy's), I pulled it out, thinking Dom might be old enough to enjoy it a little. Judging by his constant begging to read another chapter, I'm going to go with Yes, he loves it. 

So, we have been reading a chapter here and there alongside our other Nativity books of which I bring out one or two a day to add to a basket by our fireplace. To see some of our favorites, check out this post from last year

So, Goals I plan to keep in mind as we continue along this Unplugged Advent: 

  • At least start/continue one of my many books I wish to read
  • Make a concerted effort to shut up and focus for 15 minutes

And there you go. Hope you are enjoying a blessed and focussed Advent season!


Linking up with Haley @ Carrots for the rest of Advent Unplugged


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  1. I'm on my first day of leech blocker on Firefox and tomorrow will be my first day home with it - I have it programed to block me from my blogs, Facebook and Pinterest for 9 hours of the day.

    1. Brilliant! Let me know how it goes - I will have to try to find something similar for Safari... Thanks for the idea!

  2. yes. Such a good reminder to focus on reading instead of the computer. Maybe I should give myself a daily goal. Read so many pages before I'm allowed computer time?


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