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Weekly Capture LXI

Happy 4th Day of Christmas! We are loving celebrating each day with something fun and special and will continue to do so until we reach the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6th).

Wow! It's been awhile, hasn't it? As of the last Weekly Capture, we still hadn't even celebrated Thanksgiving, and now we're past Advent and into the Season of Christmas. Our family has two Advent birthdays - Dominic's and mine. My big boy turned 4 - I can hardly believe that I've been a mama for that long! We celebrated his actual day with fun family activities including dinner out at a "fancy restaurant" - his description for a local BBQ joint.

The middle of December found us cutting down our annual tree in the bitter cold, celebrating with Dom's friends by hosting a gnome tea party, traveling to southern NY to see my siblings perform in the Nutcracker alongside dancers from the NYC Ballet, and enjoying some wintery fun with our extended family. We got home a few days before my birthday, which really was a day of too many naps for me. I was thoroughly exhausted from apparently everything because I slept in and then took two naps. Happy Birthday to me. =p

As a late Birthday present for me and an early Christmas present for us all, we learned that our sweet BabyO III is in fact another little man! Come Spring, we are excited to round off our trio of Musketeers.  AND LegenDaddy said he might have to build me my own wing of the domain with this ever increasing supply of testosterone outdoing the lady number in our house.

I have now been on a quest to find strong, beautiful mamas with boys holding the lead in their household, and besides my ever favorite, Molly Weasley, I have also remembered one of my favorite Irish families (they adopted me in on my many trips to the Emerald Isle) has a Mama of 7 boys and 1 girl. Plus Carolyn of 4Life4Life and Britt from The Fisk Files are both great mamas of 3 boys (thus far) AND terrific blogging ladies. Win/win.

Christmas crept up on me a little faster than I expected. We go super simple for gifts, and I had done my shopping for the boyOs early on. I'd also managed to find LegenDaddy his gifts in advance, too. However, any of our family's gifts got put off, and I'm just now starting to find items to gift unto them. Oh well. That's why we have a whole season, right?

Waiting after Mass for LegenDaddy to rescue the car from Timbuktu.

For Christmas Eve, we thought the Midnight Mass with carols sounded most lovely until we remembered that we have two kiddOs who go to bed well before then. Practicality won out and we attended our first ever Catholic Christmas Mass at 4pm on Christmas Eve. This is important because I completely forgot about C + Es (Christmas + Easter only goers), and even arriving on time found us in the standing only section. Halfway through some other parishioners must have had pity on the two (obviously unprepared) parents standing in the back holding wiggly boys and attempting to balance a pile of coats, hats, and mittens, too. We still made it though, and now I know to come early next year.

Christmas found us in our pajamas pretty much all day singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus around a homemade monkey bread "cake," slowly opening and playing with toys, games, and the like (it took over 6 hours to open everything and that was totally because of the pace not the amount!), snacking on leftovers from our Christmas Eve dinner, Skyping family that was far away, and thoroughly enjoying each other's company.

I have high plans to jump back into regular blogging in the New Year! The little guy in my belly seems to think this might be able to happen as I'm slowly regaining some of my morning and evening energy. This pregnancy still can be rated my most difficult to date with late nausea/vomiting that still hasn't gone away at the halfway point combined with some early heartburn, regular charlie horses in my calves, and very sore back and hip muscles. So, as long as I can manage to stay up later than my kiddOs or get up earlier than them, the posting shall return!

For now, enjoy some quick recaps on us:

Mr. Dom celebrated 4 years old and is excited about his new brother... now. First response, "Well, I wanted a girl, but I got a brother." We did a card exchange with some new friends, and not only did he have a blast making the cards, but each time one arrived in the mail for him, he was over the moon that he had received his own piece of mail. Pretty sure the Jesse Tree was his favorite Advent tradition this year - thankfully I had him around to remind me to add ornaments to our "tree" because otherwise we'd still be at the beginning.

Some quotes from his face (because we all know that's why you read these posts):

"Can you please act like an adult?" (Yes, he got told this was disrespectful after I stifled a chuckle)

"I am charming to hold."

"Blaise, if you get scared, you can just hold my hand" as he grabs B's hand while watching an intense scene in a movie.

"Mmmm smells like basil!" His thoughts on the tree once brought inside.

"Blaise used to like gambling." (Totally out of context as the backstory is long...)

I told him I wasn't ready for him to grow up.
His response: "I already had my time being little. Now I have to be big. That's how God designed me to be I'm a human being after all."

Talking about a wet spot on the floor in bathroom.
Dom: "It looks yellow."
David: "Well, it could be the light."
Dom: "It can't be the light because the light's up in the air."

Blaise is growing my leaps and bounds mentally and in talents and abilities. He's mastered most of the preschool puzzles in the house and continues to adore trains. I often find my little introvert playing for over an hour by himself up in his room at the boys' train table. His vocabulary has grown quite extensive, and he strings up the most clever little sentences.

One of his favorite parts of the month was the Pope's birthday. We sang Happy Birthday to him from afar (obviously) and talked a little about how important he is to us and our Church. Blaise was so in awe of it being the Pope's birthday that he mostly denied my birthday the next day, and as Christmas approached, we'd ask him, "Whose birthday is coming up?" His response: "Pope."

Blaise is slowly (very slowly) learning to give up things for his new baby bro. Mostly this includes the holding of mama. I still snuggle and cuddle up with him as much as ever but I am wary to carry him up and down stairs with the cramps that oft render my legs useless. Every day he'll lift my shirt to wish the baby "hello," which is pretty darned sweet if you ask me.

As this is ridonkulously LONG already, I'm going to skip what we've been reading, listening to, etc, and maybe I'll get an end of the month post with a little o that included. For now, enjoy the next 8 days of Christmas, and a Merry one to each and every one of you and your families. 

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