Sunday, December 22, 2013

WIWS {Vol. 2} A Warm Winter's Day + Obligatory Belly Shot

It's here! The fourth and final Sunday of Advent. It's been awhile since I've linked up with the lovelies over at Fine Linen + Purple for What I Wore Sunday... heck, I think I've only actually participated in that link-up one lonely time. So, it was time for an encore.

Originally the plan was to hit up 9am mass this morning, but with our hot water heater down (yup, Happy Early Christmas to us!) annnnd a lack of breakfast options in the fridge, we ended up going to the 9:45. I, however, was all set and ready to go to the earlier one. This is a never for me. Usually it is completely opposite with LegenDaddy and the small ones ready while I'm still chewing on my lip in front of the closet.

Nearly halfway through this pregnancy has put me at that awkward size where my belly is larger than a beer belly but still not at that beautifully glowingly pregnant appearance either. Annnd I hate maternity clothes on the whole. Which pretty much limits what I'm wearing these days. The weather was also pretty warm today - a balmy 35 with rain (yes, that's warm for us northerners), so I had to forego my usual sweaters and layers that turn non-maternity wear into covering and comfy clothing.

The above shot is so you can fully appreciate BOTH the back of my sweater AND my wiggly boys who can't bear not being in the shots. (You'd never know this when I try to get them to actually pose for a portrait...)

And here is baboo. Cute and bumplike. Moving but not too crazy - I'd put this one's movement right in between the two boys. Tomorrow morning is our ultrasound, so I'm taking all guesses as to boy or girl today only. =) 

Not to be left out, Blaise also wanted a picture with me "cheesing" as he calls it. Annnd, no I didn't purposefully dress my kids in red and green while we are still in the Advent Season. It was pure coincidence, and they don't own any purple anyhow.

What I'm sporting today:

Dress: Saturday/Sunday from Anthropologie, found at the Super Post-Christmas Sale last year
Sweater: Moth, Consigned
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Bass

Hooray for the chicas over at Fine Linen + Purple who are ever patient with those like me who rarely link-up. Go check out the link to see some other fine outfits being worn by other lovelies.

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent to you all as we remember the Love that is fulfilled with the Nativity of Our Lord in just a few days!


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