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5 Favorite Things You Can Still Do in a Polar Vortex {Vol. 23}

The Arctic like chill that has been sweeping over the United States bringing many states' temperatures to well below normal has also made many a mama feel like she's going stir crazy in the meanwhile. Snowy, icy conditions and wind chill that has brought our sub-zero temps to waaaay too freaking cold has kept us bundled up inside for days.

I know some of you can boast of not being affected at all. You can shut up now, and enjoy your lovely warmth quietly. ;) I haven't stepped foot outside in over 3 days, and I know others have it waaaaay worse. So, here are five things that we have found are still totally possible to do when housebound by Storm Freeze Your Bum Off. 


A grand excuse for tea parties and extra baking

This one is a win/win. Tea warms you right up, brings a smile to faces, and what better to go with it than freshly baked scones or muffins? (This Cranberry Orange Bread. Also delightful.) Plus, turning on the oven warms up the kitchen, and heaven knows mine has needed it despite all the weather stripping LegenDaddy has been installing in our windows and doors. So, grab a teacup or mug, if that's your preference, and sip away.

Favorite teas these days: Peach Black Tea by Stash, Spiced Rooibos Herbal Teasan by Numi Organic, and Trader Joe's Pumpkin Rooibos.


Cuddling becomes a must

It has been super delightful to use this extra time to snuggle up with my boyOs (all three because BabyOIII doesn't often let us forget he's here, too) and read some fun books. Both boys have had the stomach flu in the past week, thankfully not at the same time, but that has lent to even more cuddling.

Who can ever deny that cuddling with their kids is truly one of their favorite things always?


Cooking practice

So, homebound also means empty cupboards. At least here it does. We came home from a New Year's trip to VA and immediately celebrated LegenDaddy's birthday and then got the stomach flu. Grocery runs are a thing of the past. Instead I've been playing mama chef in the kitchen trying to come up with edible and somewhat healthy meals to eat.

Technically life in general gets me some cooking practice fairly often, but rarely do I have to be this creative.

Lunch today turned out surprisingly good. Dominic kept telling me how it wasn't one of "his lunch foods" but he liked it ok. Basically it was a mix of some Basmati rice with a creamy 4 cheese sauce (the remaining bits of some havarti, cheddar, gouda, and cream cheese) and peas and corn. Blaise will eat anything with peas, so he was in heaven.


Ready Made Art/Science Lessons

Frosted windows equal joy oh joy for my little boys. They are over the roof every time they peek out a window and find iced over panes. It's ready made scratch art! (Did you ever do that when young with the colored crayons covered by the black crayon which you then scratch away with a paper clip?)

It turned into a science lesson when Dom was impatiently attempting to use his finger pads to draw, mostly because miraculously his nails were short. Once he caught on that you had to hold your finger there to melt the ice, he continued in his gleeful drawing.

Oh, and my brilliant children both got caught with their tongues licking the glass. First off, EW. Secondly, great, now I have two kids that can't eat anything because they tore the skin off. They protested my stopping them, but then when I described the skin ripping off and making them bleed, they, too, thought it enough for now.

This made the favorites list purely because I got so much done in those precious chunks of art time. Seriously, frosted windows entertain my kids for like 30 minutes at a time.


A GREAT reason for this here introvert to curl up with some books

And of course we can't leave out reading for mama. If there's one thing I love as much as cuddling up and reading with my kids, it's gotta be cuddling up and reading with me. My introvert self needs a reboot now and then, so sometimes this cold weather can be a case for rejoicing. I finally finished up Pride and Prejudice which I'm reading as a part of The Motherhood + Jane Austen Book Club. And, no, I don't own that lovely copy above. Yet.

Now to get my 2014 list written up, so I can aim to do some productive reading this year! If you want to see some of my favorites from last year and perhaps share some of yours, go check out What I Read in 2013.

Those are my favorite things to do in this freezing cold. What about you? Is the weather ridiculous where you hail from? What have you been doing to weather the storm? Do share because if it continues, I may need new ideas. =)

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  1. We have one of those blankets too - I swear we didn't move from the living (unless it was to bake or make another batch of popcorn) for 2 days.

    1. Oh my goodness! LOVE those blankets - we have 4. =) They're the best! I am pretty sure you guys had it way worse than we did... can't even imagine. I'm so glad it's starting to thaw out a bit though our backyard is one muddy puddley mess. Is it warmer by you, too?


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