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How to Make a Lenten Sacrifice Jar

As you prepare to walk through Lent with your young children, here is a simple craft you can do now and then use every day throughout the Season. A Lenten Sacrifice Bean jar not only helps provide a visual countdown throughout the Season of Lent, but it also encourages your children to look for ways to serve, have good attitudes, and pray for others. This is something we're trying for the first time this year, but my boyOs are already so excited for Lent to begin, so they can start moving beans from one jar to the next.

With the Sacrifice Jar, each day your child can do something kind for someone else, say a prayer for someone special, help out with an extra chore, or make a small sacrifice on their level. When they do so, they move one bean from their "Name" jar to the family "Sacrifice" jar. And, if you forget one day, you can always double up another day.

What you'll need:

  • one glass jar for the "Sacrifice" jar - we used a recycled pickle jar
  • one glass jar for Each child - again used recycled jars
  • dry beans (40 per child) - you could also use small pasta, beads, or something similar
  • white glue
  • container for glue to go in
  • Foam Brushes
  • purple tissue paper
  • scissors
  • pictures of Jesus w/ cross - see below for sources
  • crayons or colored pencils

Where to find pictures of Jesus w/ cross: I just looked up some of my favorite Stations of the Cross pictures. This set was more simplistic and ended up being the one we chose. These are also beautiful, but they're a bit more intricate and might be harder for younger kids to color in.


  • Clean the jars from any labels. I just soaked mine in hot water, and then scrubbed them with a dish brush and soap. White vinegar can also help to get rid of stickiness
  • Cut tissue paper into squares/triangles about 3/4" to 1"
  • Mix white glue in the small container (I used a little Pyrex bowl) with a few drops of water to thin

Annnnd go....

1. Have your children color in 1 or 2 pictures of Jesus. Cut out. Then write their names or have them write their own, if old enough, and also cut out. 
2. "Paint" the jars with the glue/water mixture. Stick tissue paper squares on until they cover up most of the outside of the jar.
Talk about the significance of the color purple. Purple is used during Lent as it is both a penitential color and a color to signify royalty. As we prepare for the death and resurrection of our king, it is appropriate to keep a somber mindset and focus on the simple. In Holy Scripture we read that Jesus was draped in purple cloth in mockery as he was lead away to death. We humbly acknowledge our sin and humanity in penance during this season so that we may fully celebrate in joy at Easter.
3. Seal the layer of tissue paper by "painting" over again with glue. This will help keep down the corners of the squares. I suggest either waiting until the pieces are dry OR mama doing the sealing. When you're painting over the squares, it's very easy to pull them right back off by brushing too hard, so try dabbing more and swiping less.
4. Put glue on the back of the "Name" slips of paper, and stick to each name jar. Seal edges. 
5. Repeat steps 3 + 4 for the "Sacrifice" jar, putting on whichever pictures of Jesus you colored earlier.
My boys miraculously showed off some teamwork skills in the gluing of the "Sacrifice" jar together. I commended them on this, and Dominic replied, "I'm 100% impressed with us."
6. Let dry. 
7. Count out 40 beans and place into the jar.
Depending on age of the child, you could have them count their own or even just place the beans in groups of 4 or 5 and have them count groups. 

If you're at a loss for ideas on Sacrifices your child can make each day, here are a few to get you started:
  • Let a sibling choose the game, book, or movie.
  • Share a toy with a sibling for a whole day (or half a day).
  • Clean up the toys without being asked or after being asked just once.
  • Help bring in dishes after a meal.
  • Give up play time to help mom or dad.
  • Pray for 5 people.
  • Say one decade of the rosary.
  • Practice a new prayer.
  • Choose one toy to give away.
  • Help make cookies or a meal to bless someone with.
  • Make a card and send to someone who might need cheering up.

Once again, remember if you don't move a bean every day, don't fret. It's easy to encourage a few good deeds in one day. You can always do a two-for-one (i.e. pray for 10 people and move 2 beans). Older children might catch on and start doing tasks of their own accord, but younger kids will probably still need help or coaxing. 

Have fun making your jars, and may your Lent be a time of family togetherness and love for one another! 

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Friday Facebook Freebie! {Giveaway}

I am starting to skid a little bit in my 7 Posts in 7 Days, so I have taken the easy option out today,


I'm sharing a link to a giveaway I'm doing over on Two Os + More's FB page. Sarah Reinhard's book: 'Welcome Risen Jesus!' will be joining our family at the breakfast table during Lent. We used her 'Welcome Baby Jesus' book for Advent last December, and it was enjoyed by all. Each day there is a bible verse, a short reflection, and then Act, Fast, and Pray suggestions for your day.

In order to get it in the mail tomorrow (hopefully), this giveaway only last until midnight tonight, Friday, February 28th! So, head over now to enter + share!

I have another post in the works to bring my total of 5 posts by the end of today, and I promise, it'll have a little more content. Check back later today to see more about our Bean Sacrifice Jar the boys and I are making!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

5 Series to Watch in the Absence of Downton

Downton fans will know that the latest season has just wrapped up with quite a hopeful look towards next year's Season 5. I was a little skeptical going into this latest season as I thought perhaps writer/creator, Julian Fellowes was going to attempt to outdo the soap opera quality of drama he accomplished in Season 3. But, with the final episode that aired this past Sunday (Monday if you're like me and catch up via, I was thoroughly content with how the story is wrapped up at this point and the little "bites" Fellowes left to tantalize our British loving selves until next year.

If you haven't caught up as of yet, there's still 10 days to catch Downton Abbey Season 4 online or you can order a copy of the DVD to add to your shelf. Seasons 1-3 are available on Amazon Prime.

However, if you find yourself in the next 10 months itching for some new British historical mini-series, here are 5 of my favorites that I've found to be worth watching, along with one runner-up.

*To be noted, I didn't include Sherlock because honestly, does it need to be listed?*


Another PBS series now going into its 3rd Season (premiering on March 30. 2014), Call the Midwife is based loosely on the Memoir of Jennifer Worth. The drama is set in East London in the 1950s and follows the life of 4 midwives who live and work alongside the nuns of Nonnatus House. Besides delivering many babies to the woman from that district, they also attend to a number of diseases and duties required of them by the predominately poor and working class dwelling around the House. 

I found this series most entertaining though I dreaded the contraception and abortion faces that I knew would (and did) make their appearance. For the show being all about birth, there is very little actually shown. That being said, I wouldn't watch around children, but that's me. I was disappointed to some of the show's underlying (and sometimes right out in the open) views on large families and contraception, but it was still an enjoyable watch.

Available for free on Netflix. TV-PG.


As of right now, I have only seen one Season of The Paradise though there is a 2nd one out there - I don't believe it has come to the US as of yet. This series is also adapted from a book (The Ladies' Paradise by Emile Zola). I can only guess it's a loose interpretation since the book takes place in Paris. I have not read it though, so I can't make much further judgement. 

 The show begins in 1875 and follows its heroine, Denise, as she moves to London from the country in order to pursue bigger and better dreams. After realizing the mess her uncle's small dress shop in, she applies to and is hired as a shopgirl at the majestic department store that is making a name for itself on the streets of London: The Paradise. The owner of the store, Mr. Moray, has great dreams to offer ready made items to anyone who has the funds. Denise shares in his grand scheming, which sometimes finds her on the outs with her coworkers.

All in all, another fun viewing especially with the concept of "a one store fits all" being new and modern. The idea that a woman can either be a wife and mother or a working woman is also approached.



Land Girls

A historical drama set soon after the latest Season of Downton Abbey in England during World War II. It follows the lives of 4 women who are part of the Women's Land Army as they strive to do their part for the war effort by helping out on a farm. I have seen all three Seasons. A fun and interesting look into a whole new side of the War, at least for me.

Alongside their work which makes up for the main plot, there are stories of husbands that are POWs, a wife who is working with her husband visiting whenever he can, two sisters, love and intrigue, and so forth. There are a few scandalous instances that I would believe to be historically accurate; I won't give away details, but know they are there.

Available free on Netflix streaming. 


The Buccaneers

This pick is the oldest of the ones I am including. This mini-series, based on the book by Edith Wharton, came out in 1995. I seem to have a thing with groups of 4 young women because here's another one. The late 1800s in Newport, RI set the beginning scene as the four girls, all from "new" money bemoan the fact that they are shunned by the proper New York aristocratic set due to where the money comes from. After one of the girls marries a British lord, the other three girls come to visit London in search of their own husbands.

Beautiful scenery and costumes help to make this enchanting tale come to life. A coming-of-age in the very most turn of the century British meets America meaning. If you've read the novel, you will know it's unfinished, and therefore, to bring closure to the series, an ending was created for it. There are also a few changes purists will wince at. Still, a fun mini-series to enjoy. 

Available for free on Netflix streaming and Amazon Prime Instant Video.


Another mini-series, this one based on the novels by John Galsworthy, covers the multigenerational story of the Forsyte family. Set in the early 1900s in England, it also covers a timespan of several decades. Similar to the Buccaneers  the Forsytes are also "new" money.

The character development amongst the cast is superb and so well played out by those chosen to star in this adaption. There is so much happening throughout the many episodes that it is hard to even capture the gist of what it is about for you. And I don't suggest reading the Wiki page unless you want spoilers right and left. Just know it's a well loved series that I've watched several times. I did read the book after watching it, and as always, there are some minor strings but nothing horrible.

Available for free on Netflix streaming and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Runner-Up: Upstairs Downstairs

So, this one didn't make the top 5 because while I enjoyed the first Season and found a quotable quote in it ("You stay away from my third shelf down!"), I just couldn't get into the second Season. I would equate it to Downton Abbey in the approach it takes of telling the stories of both those that lived upstairs and served downstairs. As a remake, I do think it was more interesting than the one from the 1980s. Well cast for some of the main characters, but then the others aren't memorable in the least. You might love it though, so give it a try if you're interested. 

Available for free on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

- - - - - - - - - -

And there you go: 5 mini-series to keep you occupied for the next 10 months, so you don't bemoan the ending of Downton Abbey too much. 

I'm always interested in new shows. Anything you would add to this list that I should check out? Do share!

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Also consider this to be Post #3 out of the 7 Posts in 7 Days link-up over at Conversion Diary.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dumping the Mama Bag Aka Diaper Bag

It's day numero dos over at Jen's 7 Posts in 7 Days and since it's been one of *those* days, I'm pulling a double link-me-up and joining Kendra over at Catholic All Year for The Big Purse Dump. My "purse" is nowhere near as cute as hers, but we do have one item in common and I actually meant for mine to be in there. So, join me in rifling through the recesses of my Mama Bag aka the Diaper Bag.

When you become a mom, purses become that extra thing you are lugging around. Or at least in my case. And, that is when I switched to just hauling around a diaper bag. I did much research in buying this Skip Hop Duo Deluxe bag before Blaise was born as I would have TWO boys in cloth diapers. Plus, I'm a huge fan of pockets all around. I have loved this bag thoroughly, but with baby #3 on the way, I have been debating looking for a new more fabulous and more purse-like bag that I could buy an insert like this Baby Bag from Lily Jade for. Thoughts? Opinions? Bags you've loved?

And onto the DUMPING. You shall know I did not cheat by the random um crud that I uncovered within this bag of many crevices.

Note that the true part of this bag that belongs solely to moi is that cute little handmade bag I found at a Indie Arts fair. You can find your own here at the artist, Emily Bellinger's Etsy shop. Mine reminds me of Charlie Brown and makes me happy.

Within my part of the bag (clockwise):

Pile of cards: credit, debit, license with a freakin' awful 7am photo of me when I was 10 weeks pregnant with boyO #1, bag, pen, 81¢ in change (whoopee!), a well loved but not old Burt's Bees Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil (anyone else think their "regular" scent/flavor somewhat gross? Also, I never know if chapstick is a scent or a flavor...), proof that after 3 visits to the blood lab and 2 to the midwifery office I now have my RhoGam shot (yay negative blood types!), one coffee punch card (I *do* cheat here - 10 cheap plain cups o' Joe and then a FREE fancy drink), one receipt for library fees - late books yet again, one receipt/proof of purchase for a zoo membership (hey, it was above freezing level Sunday).

Since my bag is in reality a diaper bag, I also have Diaper goods in it:

One baby changing mat (mostly to shield my toddler's head from nasty floors since he's too large for those silly changing pull down stations), one fancy Dino wetbag Imagine diapers, Grandma El's Diaper Cream, a lone bamboo diaper liner, and wipes.
Owning only a set amount of diapers tends to have me throwing a diaper in as we leave the house hence the no diapers.

Items I know why they are in the diaper bag (clockwise):

One Saint card (part of our quiet set at mass), Episcencial face cream for my kiddO's ever dry faces, First Aid kit + bandaid (probably Cars or Batman), BabyGanics foaming hand sanitizer, one water bottle (usually there's a 2nd one - B must have pilfered it), a comb (here's my item that matches Kendra's - difference is I know why mine's in here because sometimes my hair just falls to pieces when out), 3 gin-gins (for my nauseous pregnancy moments that still happen time to time despite the fact I'm nearly in the 3rd Trimester !!! ), a pile of TJ's fruit flats (otherwise known as lifesavers when we're still out running errands and it's lunch time), a pen (you can never have too many), Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia for those times when chapstick isn't schmancy enough, and clothespins (you might wonder why, but these "clippies" transform any napkin or towel into a bib. Why 4? I was wondering the same thing).

A second wallet. 
Reasoning for this one: when going in a store, I just grab the Charlie Brown one, but this one has extra stuff like insurance cards, way too many of those punch cards, business cards, and membership cards.

Winter Gear (pretty self explanatory)

Two hats - one per boy, fingerless gloves for the mama, a pair of BabyLegs Leg Warmers (they double as wrist warmers as the boyOs get older), and one random pair of socks (not sure about that one).

And lastly, you have the pile of I don't know why the heck it's in there (clockwise):

Pouch for sunglasses
(not much use without their holdee), a prayer card that was supposed to be given to LegenDaddy alongside homemade Valentine's Day cards, a crumpled up bag of instant hot chocolate, a penny, a safety pin, pile of hair supplies (whoops, categorized those wrong), sunscreen (yup, for ALL that sun we've been getting), really OLD Listerine strips, a ToysRUs gift card with less than $2 on it (you couldn't pay me to go back in that store to use it), teething gel and tablets (you could say I'm planning WAY ahead, yes, let's go with that), minimal garbage: corner of a fruit flat pouch, a tissue, two pieces of broken clothespin; an insert to Blaise's water bottle that we never use, and two pacifiers, again for the baby who isn't here yet.

And there you have it: one FULL of stuff Mama/Diaper bag. What's in your purse???

Join Kendra through the week to link-up!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Walking Through Lent with Small Children

Lent is right around the corner. In 9 days we will begin what I think is one of the hardest liturgical seasons, but at the same time, I do love it. If you take it for all it is, Lent is a time of such depth and a well needed cleaning out and dusting of oneself for the 40 days before we come to the great Feast of Easter and Our Lord's Death and Resurrection. During Lent, we annually are able to focus and give our mind, body, and soul a rerouting to ensure we are living our lives as best we can to live as Christ has called us to. As we prepare for Easter, we take the time and effort to repent and aright ourselves.

For the Christian soul, it is a time of intense preparation as your inner self gets a thorough looking over and you make commitments to be more diligent in your prayer life, in fasting and sacrificing, and your in alms giving. As an adult these requests made of you are demanding to say the least even though deep down we know it is for the ultimate good of our soul, but how do you translate these three major parts of Lent for a young child?

We thoroughly believe young children are able to comprehend Lent to some extent, but to bring it to their level and make the Season tangible to small minds has required our family to rework just how we present it to our kids. My boys are 2 and 4 this Lenten Season, and this will be Dom's third Lent where we have made specific effort to help him make simple choices in learning to discipline his spiritual life.

To Pray, Fast, and Give are the calls of Lent, and these can so, so easily be brought down to a young child's level with a little effort. I encourage you to include your children in any fasts your family might be doing. For instance, as a family, we give up all meat during the whole of Lent. For the boys, I often still give them a little meat with their Lunch, but they join in the fast for dinners. If you're giving up movies, make it a family deal. With older children (6 or 7 and up) they might choose that for themselves, but for a toddler or preschooler, sometimes it is easier to have it be a House-wide fast.

From there add some child focused activities that help your little ones count down through the days of Lent until the joys of Easter. Pick a few things they can work on as their own Lenten sacrifices. Remember that the more interactive you make it, the more they will grasp! Visual reminders, activities, and even just verbal reiterating the importance of the Season is a great start.

And mamas, don't overwhelm yourself or your kids. Do what you know you can handle. Think of this as a way to bless your children, and don't let it be something that wears you down too far.

Here are a few ideas we have found work wonderfully for our family as well as a few that are part of our plans for this coming Lent! 

  • A visual calendar or countdown is a great start. We absolutely love this one from Catholic Icing. It can be colored in daily or if you're lazy like us, we just stuck a sticker up each day. A simple paper chain like the one we make at Advent could be made in all purple to tear off one link per day, too.
  • A Sacrifice a Day Bean Jar - Probably not my most creative naming job ever: this is our plan this year. We'll be making it this week, so look for instructions later on in the week, and thank Conversion Diary that I am so committed to actually fulfilling my 7 posts in 7 days goal.
  • Pretzels - always a fun and easy activity to make during Lent. Here's a story from Catholic Culture as to their relation to the season, so you can use this not only as simple Home Ec, but also as a liturgical teaching moment.
  • Memorize a new Prayer. This is another we do every year. You can easily add the prayer after a meal or before bedtime, and saying it every day for 40 days will bring you a new prayer the whole family can say. Never done this before? The Guardian Angel prayer is a great starting one - Blaise is 2 and can already say the whole thing. We have also done the Prayer to St. Michael and the Anima Christi, which are a little longer.
  • Give away some unused/extra toys. This is one of the simplest ways to show a small child almsgiving. I don't know about your preschoolers, but mine has little understanding of monetary value. He does, however, understand the value of a favorite toy. Find a local shelter or crisis pregnancy center that you can physically hand over your "once loved now ready for a new home" items to. 
  • Cover your crosses and crucifixes with purple cloth. A new tradition for our household but one I've seen carried out by many faithful families that I look up to: on Ash Wednesday go through your house, have your child find the crosses and crucifixes throughout, and drape some plain purple material over them. This is not a requirement by any means, but it is a wonderful visual reminder. A little more on that practice here
  • And lastly, bring them along! Ash Wednesday mass for ashes? Yup. Attempting to attend a daily mass? Yup. Adoration? Maybe (Not sure I'm ready for that, but if you and your kiddOs are - go for it!). Keep them connected to what the Church is doing during Lent by participating fully as a family.

Other ideas we've done in the past:

  • A sheep that we added one cotton ball to daily - Following the depiction of Christ as the good shepherd or as the Lamb of God, we glued one cotton ball each day onto a sheep I had cut out of construction paper at the beginning of Lent
  • Create a caterpillar on Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday out of recycled egg carton and decorating supplies, wrap him in brown paper bag on Ash Wednesday, and during Easter week, unwrap him and create a butterfly to signify new life.

For more ideas that I will update throughout the Season of Lent, follow my Pinterest board: Domestic Church: Lent + Easter. Also check out this wonderful gathering of great ideas for Lenten activities, all from Catholic Icing

Also, join me daily this week as I post something each day today through Sunday, March 2nd while joining up with Jen from Conversion Diary and over 200 great bloggers in writing 7 Posts in 7 Days. My being the FIRST ONE to sign up might show some unhealthy overeagerness or just a love to connect and finally a challenge to do so. Pray for my sanity either way. And I look forward to hearing from you, so comment away!

Have more ideas for mamas to enrich their children's Lenten journey in simple ways? Please share in the comments! It's always wonderful to glean from each other.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Hey, we're Catholic and other fun news {7QT}

7 Quick Takes, we meet again. Quick you are not, but at least I can jam a whole bunch o information into one post. This one even includes some fabulously exciting news about the whole O family that you might have already known about, but please revel in it all the same.


Today's 7 Quick Takes is brought to you by the magic of playdough. Really, whoever invented this mooshy entertainment device = brilliant. I needed just a little bit of quiet, uninterrupted time to attempt to attack today's takes, so to the cupboard we went. My salt was a little clumpy, and my Cream of Tartar (really, what is it used for besides Playdough and Snickerdoodles???) was nearly nonexistent, but we scrimped and managed to make a lovely batch of green goo. Having little boys, this was, of course, referred to as boogers within seconds.

Today's recipe was not exact in the least, so I won't share for fear I'll send you on an adventure which ends in something that DOES NOT bring happiness to the children. Instead, here's a tried and true recipe we love. You can omit the spices and flavoring if you want.



the BIG news for this week is we are officially Catholic!

I have no bilocation graces, so the photos are courtesy of my cousin, Celeste.
Last Sunday during the weekly mass, we were confirmed in the Church and brought into the full communion of the Roman Catholic Church. It seems like it's been such a long time coming, and yes, I owe you a "Conversion" story one of these days though technically we are not converts. Converts = someone who has come from anything but a Christian background whereas we were adding to our Christian faith by embracing the Catholic Church as the fullness of what God has here on earth.


Coming into the Church also meant we had piles of family in town for the weekend, which was fantastic. It was great to put our hospitality into practice for a well loved crowd of people that travelled from as far as Virginia to celebrate with us. Plus several family members did my dishes. Can't ask for better guests than that.

My cousin, Steven, is a transitional Deacon in the Arlington, VA diocese, and he was able to join us for the weekend and take an active part in the mass as well. He even ended up administering our first Eucharist in the Catholic Church to us, which was a special treat.

5 out of 7 of my siblings and my parents plus Us.
From Friday evening to Monday afternoon, we entertained different amounts of guests equalling 15 extra people on top of our family at the most. Getting in lots of great extra hang out time with family and having all kinds of fun was a perfect way to add loads of joy and fun to the excitement of the weekend.


As you might remember, I was at a loss for just who to pick for my confirmation Saint. You might think I just didn't give it enough thought when in reality, I overthought it to the point of being indecisive because I had several great options and well thought out arguments for why each Saint was the best for me. I continued the debate in my head up until the last minute finally making my decision on Friday night less than 48 hours before the Mass.

In the end, I chose St. Gianna Molla. She was my first pick (shows that I should go with my gut sometimes!), and as it happens, she was also the Saint that Jen's fancy little Saint of the Year Generator chose for me back at the beginning of January. 

St. Gianna is a newer saint, only being canonized fairly recently in 2004. I was drawn to her joyful simplicity with which she approached her vocations of wife and mother as well as how she balanced out her life. Her final decision in life to put her child's life before her own thus forfeiting it is a beautiful pro-life witness. 

You can read more about the life of St. Gianna Molla here.

When I was attempting to decide on my confirmation Saint, I asked several friends who they had picked and why, and if they had done so without much though, who they might pick if they were choosing again. I'd love to know, if you have a confirmation saint, who you chose and why!


Time is flying by with Baby OIII - I am already 28 weeks into this pregnancy meaning a mere 3 months, give or take, til we meet the little man. I realized this past week that I might want to start looking into obtaining some summery wear for him as his brothers were both winter babes. Annnnnd, I should look into some piece of furniture in which to put said clothing.

I feel like after the first two, I am giving so much less thought to the preparation. I do plan to pack a hospital bag and things like that, but as that wouldn't be practical before May, I keep feeling like I have nothing to do for him now. 


28 weeks also meant the dreaded Gestational Diabetes blood test. I say dreaded because truly that orange crud they give you to swallow is the WORST. I managed to swallow it all in less than a minute, but then my body started feeling the worst it has in weeks. Not only does this little man not appreciate any sugar or sweet treats that I put into my body which he lets me know by encouraging my stomach to go into nausea overload, BUT I typically avoid artificial flavors and colors, both of which were highly featured in the drink. I don't think my body knew what to do with it. 

I have decided, though, that somebody should create a non-flavored, pure glucose, non-colored version, so the jolt from the insane amounts of sugar is the only craze I experience.

On top of that, the phlebotomist was new at the lab, and he decided to, for whatever reason, not do the blood draw required for my Rhogam shot. My negative status blood always makes for exciting pregnancies. NOT. So, in I go again this weekend for another blood draw and then a nurse's appointment just to get the shot.

My heart goes out to anybody who is repetitively being poked and prodded for blood draws. You are my hero. I can't even imagine.


And lastly, I have decided to insanify my winter a bit more. The snow, ice, and now freezing rain just wasn't enough to make me feel crazy. Well, at least it wasn't a good crazy.

I've been meaning to make a point of posting more, so in order to live out that commitment, I am going to join Jen in writing a post every day for 7 days in a row. Ri-dic-u-lous. I know. But, hey I need a little of that here and again in my life. And you know you want to hear from me for a week.

Any post ideas are certainly welcome! So, what do you say - what do YOU want me to write about next week? I will take any and all ideas into consideration!

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This post Hey, We're Catholic and other fun news {7QT} first appeared on Two Os Plus More on 21 February 2014

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