Thursday, February 13, 2014

Awesomely Nerdy Valentines Printables

You may be one of those overly organized people who had your Valentines notes to your sweet friends written out last month and that perfect card for your sweetheart chosen, purchased, and ready to go last week. And that's awesome if you are. Or you may be more like me, and not be *that* into Valentine's Day past talking about the Saint BUT you love your husband and feel like perhaps you owe him some recognition, especially if you have an epic man like LegenDaddy who write you letters all year long.

If you find yourself the second case, I give you the following: a few sets of fabulously awesome (and nerdy) printables found in the corners of the interwebs. You can go print them out and still have them for St. Valentine's Day. You're welcome.

These might be my favorite (or at least a tie with HP), and they also reveal a fair amount about my nerdy side. But who doesn't love some good Firefly one-liners? 

These printables can be purchased from areUin on Etsy and immediately be printed out for your favorite Jedi or at least one who believe they are strong with the Force...

These Star Wars printables from Scholastic are also pretty fabulous.

And my other favorite. Lupin was mine; Hagrid's was LegenDaddy's.

I can almost forgive Russell Crowe his horrendous portrayal of Javert in exchange for this fabulous Valentine. I wish I could find more from this artist to see who else they featured.

Perhaps more appropriate for your fellow Downton loving friends rather than your husband, but still the Mrs. Pattmore one?!? Am I right?  

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  1. Oh my goodness! These are *so* much fun! The Javert one! Bahahaha....and Mrs. Pattmore...! Such fun!


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