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Hey, we're Catholic and other fun news {7QT}

7 Quick Takes, we meet again. Quick you are not, but at least I can jam a whole bunch o information into one post. This one even includes some fabulously exciting news about the whole O family that you might have already known about, but please revel in it all the same.


Today's 7 Quick Takes is brought to you by the magic of playdough. Really, whoever invented this mooshy entertainment device = brilliant. I needed just a little bit of quiet, uninterrupted time to attempt to attack today's takes, so to the cupboard we went. My salt was a little clumpy, and my Cream of Tartar (really, what is it used for besides Playdough and Snickerdoodles???) was nearly nonexistent, but we scrimped and managed to make a lovely batch of green goo. Having little boys, this was, of course, referred to as boogers within seconds.

Today's recipe was not exact in the least, so I won't share for fear I'll send you on an adventure which ends in something that DOES NOT bring happiness to the children. Instead, here's a tried and true recipe we love. You can omit the spices and flavoring if you want.



the BIG news for this week is we are officially Catholic!

I have no bilocation graces, so the photos are courtesy of my cousin, Celeste.
Last Sunday during the weekly mass, we were confirmed in the Church and brought into the full communion of the Roman Catholic Church. It seems like it's been such a long time coming, and yes, I owe you a "Conversion" story one of these days though technically we are not converts. Converts = someone who has come from anything but a Christian background whereas we were adding to our Christian faith by embracing the Catholic Church as the fullness of what God has here on earth.


Coming into the Church also meant we had piles of family in town for the weekend, which was fantastic. It was great to put our hospitality into practice for a well loved crowd of people that travelled from as far as Virginia to celebrate with us. Plus several family members did my dishes. Can't ask for better guests than that.

My cousin, Steven, is a transitional Deacon in the Arlington, VA diocese, and he was able to join us for the weekend and take an active part in the mass as well. He even ended up administering our first Eucharist in the Catholic Church to us, which was a special treat.

5 out of 7 of my siblings and my parents plus Us.
From Friday evening to Monday afternoon, we entertained different amounts of guests equalling 15 extra people on top of our family at the most. Getting in lots of great extra hang out time with family and having all kinds of fun was a perfect way to add loads of joy and fun to the excitement of the weekend.


As you might remember, I was at a loss for just who to pick for my confirmation Saint. You might think I just didn't give it enough thought when in reality, I overthought it to the point of being indecisive because I had several great options and well thought out arguments for why each Saint was the best for me. I continued the debate in my head up until the last minute finally making my decision on Friday night less than 48 hours before the Mass.

In the end, I chose St. Gianna Molla. She was my first pick (shows that I should go with my gut sometimes!), and as it happens, she was also the Saint that Jen's fancy little Saint of the Year Generator chose for me back at the beginning of January. 

St. Gianna is a newer saint, only being canonized fairly recently in 2004. I was drawn to her joyful simplicity with which she approached her vocations of wife and mother as well as how she balanced out her life. Her final decision in life to put her child's life before her own thus forfeiting it is a beautiful pro-life witness. 

You can read more about the life of St. Gianna Molla here.

When I was attempting to decide on my confirmation Saint, I asked several friends who they had picked and why, and if they had done so without much though, who they might pick if they were choosing again. I'd love to know, if you have a confirmation saint, who you chose and why!


Time is flying by with Baby OIII - I am already 28 weeks into this pregnancy meaning a mere 3 months, give or take, til we meet the little man. I realized this past week that I might want to start looking into obtaining some summery wear for him as his brothers were both winter babes. Annnnnd, I should look into some piece of furniture in which to put said clothing.

I feel like after the first two, I am giving so much less thought to the preparation. I do plan to pack a hospital bag and things like that, but as that wouldn't be practical before May, I keep feeling like I have nothing to do for him now. 


28 weeks also meant the dreaded Gestational Diabetes blood test. I say dreaded because truly that orange crud they give you to swallow is the WORST. I managed to swallow it all in less than a minute, but then my body started feeling the worst it has in weeks. Not only does this little man not appreciate any sugar or sweet treats that I put into my body which he lets me know by encouraging my stomach to go into nausea overload, BUT I typically avoid artificial flavors and colors, both of which were highly featured in the drink. I don't think my body knew what to do with it. 

I have decided, though, that somebody should create a non-flavored, pure glucose, non-colored version, so the jolt from the insane amounts of sugar is the only craze I experience.

On top of that, the phlebotomist was new at the lab, and he decided to, for whatever reason, not do the blood draw required for my Rhogam shot. My negative status blood always makes for exciting pregnancies. NOT. So, in I go again this weekend for another blood draw and then a nurse's appointment just to get the shot.

My heart goes out to anybody who is repetitively being poked and prodded for blood draws. You are my hero. I can't even imagine.


And lastly, I have decided to insanify my winter a bit more. The snow, ice, and now freezing rain just wasn't enough to make me feel crazy. Well, at least it wasn't a good crazy.

I've been meaning to make a point of posting more, so in order to live out that commitment, I am going to join Jen in writing a post every day for 7 days in a row. Ri-dic-u-lous. I know. But, hey I need a little of that here and again in my life. And you know you want to hear from me for a week.

Any post ideas are certainly welcome! So, what do you say - what do YOU want me to write about next week? I will take any and all ideas into consideration!

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  1. Hooray! Congratulations on full communion. I didn't know much about St. Gianna Molla before, but I think I'm going to like her a lot- thank you for the introduction. :-)

    1. Thanks! No problem on the intro - I don't even remember when I first heard about her, but I've always had a special spot for St. Gianna.

  2. I didn't do the glucose test when I was pregnant, since, much like you, I don't have a high sugar diet to begin with, and the sugar I do eat is natural- raw sugar/fruits/etc. A small glass of soda leaves me usually queasy, so I knew the liquid sugar-high wouldn't sit well with me for sure!! Some hospitals will do a modified test using grape juice instead, or, for me, they just took my fasting glucose levels. Perhaps something to look into for next time?

    1. Good to know! I will definitely keep that in mind next round.

  3. That family photo is awesome! :0)

    I don't think the CEC does it officially, but I picked St. Gianna as my confirmation saint later on maybe it's unofficial, but we're *sort-of* confirmation saint buddies! :) I picked her because she was a mom (which I wanted to be) and a doctor (which I also wanted to be...but didn't go for later--I think I picked the better half!)

    That glucose junk is the worst...but getting closer to meeting Baby-O #3 is the best! :)

    1. Isn't it?!? Can you believe how BIG my siblings are all getting? I feel like the last time we saw each other in person they were MUCH smaller.

      Hooray for Confirmation Saint Buddies! Yeah, I don't think the CEC does it officially either. Oh well. It was kind of fun/a learning experience doing it this round.

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures! How great!

    It's funny about the playdo. Recently I would MUCH rather my kids paint than play with playdo. The paint just cleans up so much better for some reason. With playdo I'm finding dried up balls, big and small, of it all over the house for days.

    1. You know, I've found that commercially made playdough is a LOT messier than our homemade stuff... It crumbles a lot more easily and dries out faster. I hate it! I'm throwing it away the second it dries up (the kids got a bunch of christmas from well-meaning relatives) and going back to our tried-and-true recipe!

    2. Eeeek! Paint is so much messier, I think! I feel the prep to have my kids properly covered in smocks and the table all cleared and so forth messes with my OCD waaaay too much. Plus, I feel I have to oversee it. You are *much* braver than I apparently.

      I always make our playdough and then I keep it WAY longer than you're supposed to. But, it's an easy "pull out and throw at the 2 year old" entertainer here. (Not literally throw, but you get my gist).

  5. Congrats on joining Mother Church and yay for playdoughs distraction power! That and the rice bin are my go to activities when Teddy needs to occupy himself during school or stander time.

    1. Thanks! We're happy to be here. Rice bin! Yes, must remake ours. I left it outside... and now it's gross, and probably under the snow... Whoops! Such a great distractor though. =)

  6. Happy confirmation! St. Gianna is one of my favorites :) And seriously, those glucose drinks are nasty...

    1. Thanks! I like her. =) And yes, yes they are. *Still shuddering.*

  7. Oh! So happy for this Sarah! And I just love the pictures of your beautiful family. Congratulations on a wonderful occasion! God Bless you all!

  8. Congratulations! How wonderful!!!

    I had never heard of St. Gianna Beretta Molla before but just read the article you linked to. She sounds like a lovely choice! That's nice that you had until 48 hours before to decide -- those in our RCIA program had to let our bishop know weeks beforehand and many were unsure still at that point!

  9. Congratulations & welcome to full Communion with Home!! God bless your family!


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