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St. Patrick's Day Trinity Shamrock Craft

With St. Patrick's Day coming up on Monday, I wanted to share a craft we did last year to celebrate: making a simple shamrock craft to demonstrate the Three in Oneness of the Holy Trinity. This craft is perfect for younger grade school age kids or preschool/toddler age with assistance.

Also, for more ideas on how to celebrate the feast day of St. Patrick, you can check out last year's post on what we did. Have fun!

*The original idea I got from Karen in Mommyland, and then we changed what it said on the back, added learning notes along the way, and I am sharing a template I created to make it easier.*

What you'll need:

Construction Paper - I used 1 sheet each: green, red, white, brown

Colored Wood Craft Sticks - 2 green If you don't have these, paint your own plain sticks ahead of time or color in with a green marker.

Glue - a glue stick can be used for the paper parts, especially with younger kids


{Step 1}

Here is a free template with all the shapes you will need as well as part of St. Patrick's Lorica.

Trace shapes onto paper. You'll need 3 green large hearts, 1 small red heart, 1 brown cross, and 1 white dove. Cut out shapes.

If children are younger, you might want to do this step in preparation before starting.

Talk about the hearts each representing God's great love for us.

{Step 2}

Glue 3 green hearts together at the "base" of each of the hearts.

Talk about how God is 3 persons, but 1 nature. The three hearts come together to form one shamrock shape.

{Step 3}

Glue each of the smaller symbols onto the the larger hearts.

Talk about how the heart represents God the Father; the cross God the Son, Jesus; and the dove, God the Holy Spirit. Since Lent is in full swing, and Easter is on its way, this would be perfect to mention God the Father sending the Son to die upon the cross for us. 

{Step 4}

Glue the two green wooden sticks together to form a cross.

Talk about the cross being the ultimate symbol of Love for us, Christ's sacrifice of Himself for our sins.

{Step 5}

Attach the wooden cross to the back of the paper hearts thus providing your shamrock with a stem and a support structure.

Talk about the strength the cross and Christ's passion gives us as Christians.

{Step 6}

Glue the words from St. Patrick's Lorica to the back above the cross.

Talk about St. Patrick's great faith as he went into an unknown land and how God blessed him with the strength and courage to love Ireland enough to come back and convert the entire nation to Christianity. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy your day as you celebrate this wonderful saint and patron of Ireland. Bail รณ Dhia ort!

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