Friday, May 30, 2014

Meet Our Newest O-bot! {7 QT}

It's been a week and a bit since our new little man joined the family, so I owe you *something*! A birth story will come soon, but in the meantime enjoy these quick takes introducing our baby boy to this side of the womb!


My water broke in the last minutes of one day, I spent half the next day waiting for something

And waiting. 

Until the midwife finally had me come to the hospital to check and ensure he was still head down (due to all the breech drama at 37/38 weeks). He was head down, and after weighing options, I elected to stay checked into hospital and start pitocin within hours.

13 hours later… we got to meet this guy! 

5:20am, 9 lb. 5 oz., 21 inches


Later that day, his overjoyed big brothers came bounding in to visit Mama and meet the little one (still unnamed at this point). Dominic has been a doting brother since moment one, immediately wanting to hold and cuddle his newest bro. It's the sweetest thing watching him hypothesize about who Little O will become and even at times talking for him. 

Blaise has been a trooper, loving his brother with no resentment, which I feel is always a feat for the one being bumped from their spot. His concern for my staying in the hospital brought tears, and when it was finally check-out day, he stayed by my side until we were walking out at which point he held my hand until the building was exited.


Our naming of our kids is quite the over-thought out process. Typically, we have a somewhat rounded list made during pregnancy of names we love and people we admire. Then at some point during my hospital stay, David and I sit down for 20 minutes to several hours and figure out what name we shall endow our child with. I think this round was comparable with Dominic's naming sesh.

I've loved the name Adrian (more info in QT #4) since who knows when, and it had been growing on David. So, the first name came fairly easy. Middle names were a bit harder. We threw around several names we love, and none were standing out as "the one." Finally we settled on Roche (more info in QT #5).

And Adrian Roche he was named. 


Many questions always arise about names, especially when you pick such *ahem* unique names as our children are given.

So, I'll devote several Takes to answering those questions.

#1 - Adrian is named after St. Adrian, the martyr, not of Canterbury. We {obviously} think both men were great and holy, BUT we specifically loved the story of St. Adrian. Never heard it? No worries, read on.

St. Adrian lived in Nicodemia in the Roman Empire during the early 4th century and was the head of the Praetorium. While overseeing the torture of Christian, Adrian was awed at the courage these men and women had and their refusal to renounce their beliefs. He questioned how they could endure, and their response was that of the 1 Corinthians verse: "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." (2:9). Right then and there Adrian decided to join them, professing his faith, and changing from the role of the torturer to the tortured. He was martyred soon after with other Christians.


Although there is a St. Roch, our boy is the namesake of Blessed Alan de la Roche. His birthplace is debated, but it is known that he was born in 1428 in either Brittany, Germany, or Belgium. At an early age, Alan joined the Dominican order. The most noteworthy act that Blessed Alan is known for is his devotion and reinstatement of the practice of praying the Rosary. 

After having visions of our Lord, the Blessed Mother, and St. Dominic revealed to him, Blessed Alan set out to preach the Rosary and pull it out of the rut it had fallen into. The confraternities he established still exist today. 


We always find fun happenstances that connect our children's names to one another or just have a sweet meaning to us personally. Adrian is no exception.

Interesting Holy Coincedences:

Adrian means 'water' and Roche means 'rock.'

Blessed Alan de la Roche was born AND died on St. Adrian's feast day.

All three of our sons are named after a martyr and then a Dominican (or vice versa).

Adrian's name tells part of our story on the journey to Catholicism. I have a great friend, Adrian, who I met in Ireland about a decade ago, who was instrumental in my early days of starting the workings of my brain to think deeper about my Faith and start my love for Rome on its journey. And David states that if he ever wrote his story, it'd be titled: "Why I'm Catholic or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mary."


Although Adrian has been a sweetheart of a newborn, even allowing me 3 and 4 hour chunks of sleep at night, I really don't think a Quick Takes with a newborn is remotely possible. I had plans to do this last Friday, but here we are, over a week after his birth, and I'm finally at lunchtime posting this. 

Also… I might be the craziest mother ever. Not only did I have a baby last week, but I also dragged my boys out to first, my brother's graduation with a BFA, and then the next morning to David's graduation with his Masters (he still has a few things to wrap up, but YAY, he's almost done!!!). On top of that my brother proposed to his ridiculously sweet girlfriend, so more celebrating. And we had a wild and family-full weekend on the whole with almost my whole family visiting, including one of my grandmothers. It was fun and made for the most epic first weekend a baby could have.

(Photo by my mama)
Hope you've enjoyed meeting our little man and welcoming him to the 'More' part of the O family. I sure have loved every moment of it. (Not being pregnant anymore, also a big plus!)
As I said, I'm working on his birth story already. I do have another sweet friend who will be guest posting for me next week, and then I'm working on rolling back into the role of main blogger here. Thanks for sticking out through a ridiculous pregnancy with lots of spacing between posts. You guys are the best!


Linking up with Jen @ Conversion Diary

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How to Love Being Home When You Feel Stuck at Home

Guest Post by Christy of Fountains of Home

In honour of Sarah birthing baby numero tres I thought I'd write a little something about what I'd like to read about if I had just given birth to my third child, and what struck me is how to love your home when it feels as if you're home all the time. Like that lovely period when you have a newborn infant who likes to breastfeed every 4.3 minutes, and other toddlers whom you don't have the energy to both dress and wrangle into car seats for a glorious 5 minute errand, and/or it's been snowing for 5 months.  Maybe all this has just happened to me, maybe you're a total overachiever and can get your newly postpartum self with your various small offspring out of the house on a daily basis, in which case ignore me and continue your world conquering! If not, here are a couple little tips I've found help a lot when you're "stuck" at home.

Give yourself the gift of free time during your day - For a while after I started to stay home with my babies I thought I had to be "working" all the time, or at least all the time the baby wasn't physically in my arms (which wasn't too much in the beginning, I grant you). For many of us we see staying at home with our kids as "our job" which it is, but it's also a job that requires you 24/7; how often do we give ourselves some spare time in the day to sit and enjoy or do something we find rewarding? We need to stop worrying about vacuuming or laundry and do something we enjoy at home. It's allowed, and it resets your attitude about spending time at home, trust me!

Indulge in the odd luxury - We all live on budgets, but sometimes we budget out things for our homes entirely. When we're spending the bulk of our time somewhere it should be beautiful to reflect the importance we believe it to hold. This may mean buying a $5 grocery store bouquet of flowers, it may mean buying seasonal throw pillows, or considering investing in furniture that looks good while being functional. How our homes make us feel is worth the investment and a place in the budget. I know finding a fun table cloth on clearance at Homegoods, or buying a great smelling candle, can change my mood completely and make me a bit happier at home.

Create enjoyable rituals for yourself throughout the dayEspecially when you're in the tough days of postpartum, or a season where it's especially exhausting getting out of the house, it's a great idea to have little things you do at regular times. It gets you through the day! Make yourself a fancy coffee in the morning, with steamed milk or special flavoured syrup. How bout sitting down with a piece of chocolate during nap time? Or sitting out on the back step with your husband for five minutes before supper? A hot bath at night does the trick too.

Carve out a kid-free, clean-ish space for yourself - I need to work on this one, but I have noticed that when I keep my own bedroom cleanish, aka I can see the floor, I feel as if I can go there and clear my mind when I think I'm about to scream at people. Even if keeping the rest of the house clean is a futile endeavour at the given time, one room that you keep tidy and kid free can make all the difference. I sometimes feel I need a place to go where I won't see kid stuff, kid toys, etc and it gives me a little break, like a little island of adult-ness. If you need a reminder that you deserve a little space and that kid-junk needs boundaries you can email me and I'll give you a free reminder!

These are just some really simple, small, but intentional things that we can do to help us out in times where we're feeling a bit stuck. Hopefully the time where we feel stuck won't last long, but I've found that building a comfortable home and consciously working on making it a place that makes me happy has paid off for far longer than in just times of stress. I think we all want our homes to be places that comfort and nurture our children, and if so, then we first have to make them places that nurture and comfort us. Like spending time alone, cultivating our happiness at home is a personal resource that will serve us through all seasons of life, even though there are times we all would give our eye-teeth for a trip to Starbucks!

Christy Isinger is the mom to five amazingly loud children. Her child army range in age from the unimaginable seven years, down to her youngest, an elderly 14 months.  Reading, homeschooling, and herding toddlers in the Canadian wilds consume most of her time but she enjoys blogging frivolously at fountains of home, and can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When 10,000 Hours is Just the Beginning

Guest Post by Mandi of Messy Wife, Blessed Life:

I have a sewing machine sitting in my bedroom. I got it for Christmas 2012 and I have yet to use it. But if I were to conquer my fear (which I have every intention of doing this summer), dust off the sewing machine and sew every day for the next four years, I would expect that I would be a pretty good seamstress. I’m sure most others would expect that of me as well.

Not that I would be an expert. Nay expertise takes 10,000 hours of practice (or so says Malcolm Gladwell) and to get that many hours in would take nearly 7 hours a day for four years to get to that magic number. I certainly won’t be sewing for 7 hours a day but, surely, by the end of four years, I would be able to make a passable frock in a decent amount of time.

In a couple months, my husband and I will celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. And marriage, well, despite not sewing a stitch, I have a feeling that it’s nothing like sewing. You see, by the time we reach four years, I’ll have spent 35,064 hours as a wife. Three times what it takes to master a skill. And certainly, I’m no marriage expert. In fact, people hear, “We’ve been married four years, “and respond, “Oh, you young foolish couples still so in love.” And I kind of agree with them. It still feels so new. 

What makes marriage so different? Why do couples of 30 or 40 or 50 years still struggle to be good spouses? I’m sure there are psychologists and sociologists and anthropologists that can lay out theories as to why human relationships are so difficult. But, to get to the root of it, I believe it’s simply because marriage is a vocation. And a vocation, be it marriage or consecrated life or the priesthood should never be easy. Because your vocation is your path to heaven, and the path to heaven is not easy.

“For the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few.” (Matthew 13-14)

How likely am I to follow the constricted road to the narrow gate on my own? Certainly none of us are meant to go it completely alone - the Church and our Christian communities, our family and friends should be helping to point the way. But I can say, without a doubt, that I need my husband to help me. Sometimes he knows he’s helping. He’s reminding me to pray the rosary daily or to keep from losing my temper. But often, he’s not really doing anything but being my husband, the person who I have the responsibility - no, the opportunity - to serve and love.

Sometimes, by being a bit of a thorn in my side (what spouse isn’t on occasion?), he’s teaching me to be patient and Christ-like. Thank goodness I’m not married to a perfect person because it is in his imperfection that I am perfected. And maybe I should give myself a little break for not being perfect too, because it’s my imperfection that prepares him for heaven as well. Isn’t that beautiful? Two imperfect people join together through the sacrament of marriage and it’s their very flaws that help to erase the flaws of their beloved.

Over the course of marriage, we’re slowly moving toward heaven together. It’s slow and tiring work, the work of a lifetime, and four years in, we’ve barely started.

Mandi is a 20-something wife and mother who takes her Catholic faith (and not much else) seriously.  She likes to fancy herself a writer and shares the messy adventures of her blessed family at Messy Wife, Blessed Life.  When she’s not blogging, she’s probably sleeping, wrangling a toddler, playing word games, or moving cross country.   

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Answer Me This: Who Doesn't Like Beards???

As I sit and mostly impatiently wait on Baby Boy to make his appearance, I figured I might as well have some fun and answer the questions of the week from Kendra, which this week are in actuality being hosted by the lovely Haley over at Carrots for Michaelmas. She beats me by far in the answer to number 6, but at least we're tied in number 2.

Read on to see what those answers actually entail:

1. What's the scariest thing that's ever been in your backyard?

I have to go with the pile up of drunk twenty year olds at our last apartment. My husband and I have decided since having children, we are definitely "those old people" that just cannot handle having to deal with too much stupidity. We (thankfully) now live in a full home, but our last abode was the upstairs of a duplex. One of the neighbors we oh-so-delightfully lived above was this 19 or 20 year old, who threw the most obnoxious parties. 

The one that fits the bill for this answer started Friday night, and by Saturday mid-morning our back and front yard were covered in random half-naked guys, drunk as drunk can be, screaming and playing slip-n-slide. Ugh. Yup, my oldness had kicked in. 

So, maybe not too "scary," but really would you want that in your yard?

2. Beards. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

As I said, my answer pretty much mimics Haley's… I *am* married to this guy. 

And we're pretty much brainwashing training our sons into equating beards with manhood. There as excited to grow their own beards as they are to do any other adult-like task.

3. If stuff breaks, can you fix it?

Stuff being? Cars, washing machines, other major equipment? No. That's why I married an engineer.
Toys, stuffed animals, stains, other paraphernalia that probably should be relocated to the garbage but will make my children perfectly delighted if I put some mama love into it? Yup, can do.

4. What was your first car?

$800 got me an old grandma hatchback Camry of the powdery blue persuasion. Good side - less than 2000 miles. Bad side - the starter had issues and often left me stranded in parking lots meeting new people in attempts to get a jump.

5. How often do you eat out?

With kiddos, rarely. Without kiddos, sadly even rarer. We do, however, on occasion order in. Still not too, too often, but we've discovered that can be an easy, peasy date night once the boys are in bed. Convenient, cheaper, and still no cooking/dishes.

6. Why is your hair like that?

Please tell me you can't actually see my freaky hair right now.  You can't? Oh good. I say you're not allowed to judge me at present because 40 weeks plus pregnant means I get to let something slide, right? Yup, it's gonna be my hair. 

Ask me again in 4 weeks. 

Since my answer isn't nearly as exciting as Haley's, let me make it further less interesting and say that the closest I've ever been to dyeing my hair was putting that colored hair glue in my hair in high school. (Was that stuff popular anywhere else? Early 2000s?). Otherwise my hair has gone from mildly horrible styled in middle school to plain Jane in high school to cut by moi in college… Post-college it's mostly just been long though my fabulous sister styled it short for me 3 years ago.

It was much shorter, but I can't find a picture of that.

Since then, it's just grown out. And therefore, it gets pinned up like this a lot:

Definitely time for a change. 

And that's that. Go over to Haley's to see more enthralling answers to these questions by many a blogger. 

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

5 Favorite Non-Diaper Diaper Bags

The day quickly approaches when I will have not one, but two tiny bums in need of diapers. Cloth diapers to be more specific. And that does make all the difference because they take up quite a bit more space. Plus with one of my tiny bums belonging to a brand new infant. I 'll also need some space to store an extra outfit or two, on the go nursing needs, and a few other random items I don't typically carry around with me.

I'm not against the idea of a diaper bag, but I've now been carrying my trusty Skip Hop Duo Deluxe
 bag for over two years, and I'm ready for a change. I've been on the lookout for something that has a little more charm than a plain ol' bag that screams of diaperhood.

Here are 5 favorites I've found that with a little organizing (perhaps with the aid of something like this fancy little insert or this one from Lily Jade) could become the perfect diaper bag


No. 41 Slouchy Beach Bag by Nena + Co.


 Clara Lynn Market Tote from Better Life Bags


(yes, this one is technically listed as a diaper bag, but really? So lovely!)


Vintage Kanta Bag from Free People


Ok, now for you to weigh in. Which is your favorite? Have you ever used a non-diaper bag to carry around your kiddo's needs? I'd love some input (especially since most of these bags have a pretty pricy tag).

For more 5 Favorites, go see Hallie over at Moxie Wife

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Baby booty, panic moments, and other joys of being 39 weeks pregnant{7QT}

It's been a bit since I jumped on the 7 Quick Takes wagon over at Jen's, and as it's 8:50 at night on a Friday, I figured "What the heck." Being 39 weeks pregnant with Mr. Boy as of yesterday means that this will indeed be a Quick take on the week as heartburn and achey everything are making sitting here rather uncomfortable. Here goes:


As I shared last post, this wiggly little man decided that head down was lame, and without me even realizing it (I blame it on the fact he moves constantly), he flipped himself right up into a perfect complete breech position. I tried pretty much every natural way to try and convince him that he wanted to move back into a birth ready spot. He didn't agree with me in the least, and my midwives and the OB they consult scheduled me for a ECV (External Cephalic Version) this past Tuesday.

(Be on the lookout for a post documenting ways to flip a breech baby in the last weeks of pregnancy. I really did try practically everything!)

The prayers must have been the saving of it all because after we arrived at 6 am to the hospital, sat through 2 hours of prepping and cautioning and the like (and I turned down the proffered epidural), the boy turned for the two OBs in less than 30 seconds. It was ridiculously fast, and the shock on the nurses' faces proved how much longer it typically takes. We then sat another 2 hours hooked up to monitors listening to the boy's strong heartbeat.


My midwife this morning at my weekly appointment was still pretty certain that he has remained in a head down position. I don't trust my own judgement much at all right now and keep second guessing myself since I missed him flipping in the first place. However, his head feels down, and his heartbeat was in the right spot when she checked.

I'm pretty much trying not to let myself get too concentrated on his position because each time I do, I then start worrying that he has tried another somersault.


Although I was holding off buying the awesomeness that is Jen's book (from all I hear from super reliable sources), I went ahead and ordered my copy tonight with earnings from the blog. Thank you to each of you that make purchases through links I have here to Amazon. You're truly the best, and it's always a treat to see that you are helping me earn a little something. So, thanks. I can't wait to sit down and begin reading it.

And in attempting *one entry* for the contest over at Jen's, you can definitely buy a copy of Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It on Amazon, and if you have a Prime account, 2 day shipping is free! My copy should be arriving early next week.

I am sure your local Catholic stores and probably even Barnes and Noble have a copy, BUT this super pregnant mama is willing to wait patiently for it to ship directly to my front door because the idea of waddling out with two rambunctious boys in tow makes the totally non helpful (or at least it feels that way) but super uncomfortable Braxton-Hicks start all over.


Lest you think I've been hiding away at home spending all my time panicking about baby booty in the wrong spot, rest assured this is not the case. I've been panicking about other things, too.

I realized at the beginning of the week that if for some reason I ended up having an unsuccessful ECV and instead of turning the baby, I ended up with an emergency C-Section, I needed to have a lot more done around the house to prepare for Baby O III's arrival.

Cue nesting, which I like to think of as a controlled freak out session designed to make shtuffs happen. With that extra amount of crazed energy, I got all the baby clothes, diapers, and other paraphernalia organized to perfection, the carseat scrubbed out, and 14 meals ready to go in my freezer. I got to give my copy of From Your Freezer To Your Family: Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes a good work out, and my freezer hasn't been this happy in months.


I know, I know, I said these would be quick. I promise, these next three will be.

If you haven't seen this post about the young schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria, please go check it out and choose a girl to pray for by name. Our family is interceding on behalf of Kauna Luka, and I hope you will pick a girl to lift up as well. These girls are in a desperate situation, and the least we can do as the Body of Christ is to remember them in our prayers.


Some of my favorite blogging peoples and lovely ladies whom I've gotten to know as friends due to the awesomeness that is the internet did an impromptu blog post carnival this week, where they shared lovely posts on the positive side of Social Media and friendships that can ensue.

Do yourself a favor and read all the great posts:

Dear Moms, Don't hate yourself for liking social media :: Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas 
If my Social Media Friends had to do this in real life, a Screenplay in 5 Acts :: Kendra @ Catholic All Year - I even make a cameo appearance in this one! 
One is Silver and the Other Gold :: Molly @ Molly Makes Do 
What the internet gave me; And a few tips on how to make the internet work for good. :: Mandi @ Messy Wife, Blessed Life 
Life Online is Part of Your Life, Too :: Christy @ Fountains of Home 
The Shortcut to Friendship :: Bonnie @ A Knotted Life


And lastly, get yourself over to our Baby Pool Guessing game! You can guess without making any account, but if you want to be eligible for the contest, you have to at least give me a letter initial for your last name and attach your e-mail. 

After the little one makes his debut, the guesser with the closest stats will be chosen as the winner. The prize will be a $15 Amazon gift card. I keep having many other great ideas, but most of them are a little specific in who would actually want to win them, so this should make it fun for all! So, get those guesses in before he gets here!

Linking up with Jen @ Conversion Diary

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

A week of crazy + a request for your prayers

Man, oh man. I was not expecting this week to be as insane and unpredictable as it has been. Unless of course, Baby O III had joined us, which he has not. Each day has brought stresses and other news that has startled the peace in our home. And that is why, here I am, at the end of the week, finally sharing something here on ye old blog.

Last weekend was Divine Mercy Sunday and the canonization of two (!) popes. We didn't do much in the way of liturgical celebrating, but we did make it to church for observances for Divine Mercy Sunday - the boys made it through about 15 minutes of adoration, the whole chaplet, and the benediction, which I was fairly impressed with. Especially since they'd missed their afternoon rest time and we'd been out all day.

Monday started off like any ol' week though we had the added "fun" of doctor's check-ups for both boys. Perfect health and above average skills helped me breathe a sigh of relief thinking "Oh good, one less thing to worry about this month." Dominic was sniffling a bit, and the doctor said we should probably try Claritan… I didn't realize the sniffles was something you medicated so quickly. I'm not one to do so at least, so I thanked him and inwardly decided against that one.

I've been coughing for nearly 3 weeks, but I can't get my finger on why or any possibly culprits. I apparently wore myself out Monday what with running errands and the appointments because when Tuesday morning arrived, I must have looked a sight. David took one look at my sicko face when I ventured downstairs and suggested he take some sick time, so I could rest. I am so grateful his job allows for family sick time, and after a minute of protesting, I gave up and went back to bed for nearly 4 hours.

Wednesday I once again had a pile of plans including an appointment with my midwives and a homeschool field trip to the firehouse. And this is when the real *fun* started. Please note, I use that word in a completely sarcastic way. Miraculously, we got to the midwives early, and everything was going well until the midwife I saw asked "Wait, was he head down last week?" (He was). She proceeded to moosh around externally for a bit before suggesting a quick internal exam, finally saying she was pretty sure I should have an ultrasound stat.

It was 9:15 at this point, and in my head, I'm thinking "Oh no! We're going to be late for our 10 o'clock field trip!" I agreed if she could get me in immediately. The office has an ultrasound tech right across the hall, and so over I trucked with two very confused but patient boys in tow. Sure enough, Baby O's 3rd ultrasound (seriously, this kid loves the camera) showed that he was in full breech position looking as content and happy as can be. He did refuse to let us see his face by putting his hands up whenever she tried to look, but we did get to see some hair on his head.

Next I got dragged down to the scheduling office to see if they could get me in to see an OB for a consult regarding an ECV (External Cephalic Version) and discuss the possibility of a planned C-Section as soon as they could. At nearly 38 weeks pregnant, I could tell I was making them all a bit nervous, which in turn was stressing me out. With that appointment finally made, we were on our way to the fire house, super frazzled but only 3 minutes late.

Since then, I have been learning as much as I can about term babies deciding on making a breech presentation and the many, many natural ways one can help the little one turn on their own. I'm pretty willing to try most anything in an attempt to avoid a C-Section, mostly because I cannot fathom the recovery period as we don't have lots of family nearby and David still has to finish up his Masters in the next month. I do have a ECV or a "turning" scheduled for Tuesday early in the AM, but I would be so happy if Mr. Wiggle-meister decided to flip and stay put all on his own.

For now, enjoy this hilarious picture of me at a weird angle lying on a folding table with a pack of frozen lima beans on the top of my belly and a warm bottle of water at the bottom. AND your prayers would be so, so much appreciated. Also, don't forget to get your guesses into the baby pool as this little mister might make an earlier appearance than expected. 

Hopefully I'll be able to check in throughout the week next week, but if I'm not a state to be writing posts, you can always see the short news on either Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks in advance for your prayers, and let me know if I can be offering any intentions up for you as I go through some long days.


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