Saturday, May 3, 2014

A week of crazy + a request for your prayers

Man, oh man. I was not expecting this week to be as insane and unpredictable as it has been. Unless of course, Baby O III had joined us, which he has not. Each day has brought stresses and other news that has startled the peace in our home. And that is why, here I am, at the end of the week, finally sharing something here on ye old blog.

Last weekend was Divine Mercy Sunday and the canonization of two (!) popes. We didn't do much in the way of liturgical celebrating, but we did make it to church for observances for Divine Mercy Sunday - the boys made it through about 15 minutes of adoration, the whole chaplet, and the benediction, which I was fairly impressed with. Especially since they'd missed their afternoon rest time and we'd been out all day.

Monday started off like any ol' week though we had the added "fun" of doctor's check-ups for both boys. Perfect health and above average skills helped me breathe a sigh of relief thinking "Oh good, one less thing to worry about this month." Dominic was sniffling a bit, and the doctor said we should probably try Claritan… I didn't realize the sniffles was something you medicated so quickly. I'm not one to do so at least, so I thanked him and inwardly decided against that one.

I've been coughing for nearly 3 weeks, but I can't get my finger on why or any possibly culprits. I apparently wore myself out Monday what with running errands and the appointments because when Tuesday morning arrived, I must have looked a sight. David took one look at my sicko face when I ventured downstairs and suggested he take some sick time, so I could rest. I am so grateful his job allows for family sick time, and after a minute of protesting, I gave up and went back to bed for nearly 4 hours.

Wednesday I once again had a pile of plans including an appointment with my midwives and a homeschool field trip to the firehouse. And this is when the real *fun* started. Please note, I use that word in a completely sarcastic way. Miraculously, we got to the midwives early, and everything was going well until the midwife I saw asked "Wait, was he head down last week?" (He was). She proceeded to moosh around externally for a bit before suggesting a quick internal exam, finally saying she was pretty sure I should have an ultrasound stat.

It was 9:15 at this point, and in my head, I'm thinking "Oh no! We're going to be late for our 10 o'clock field trip!" I agreed if she could get me in immediately. The office has an ultrasound tech right across the hall, and so over I trucked with two very confused but patient boys in tow. Sure enough, Baby O's 3rd ultrasound (seriously, this kid loves the camera) showed that he was in full breech position looking as content and happy as can be. He did refuse to let us see his face by putting his hands up whenever she tried to look, but we did get to see some hair on his head.

Next I got dragged down to the scheduling office to see if they could get me in to see an OB for a consult regarding an ECV (External Cephalic Version) and discuss the possibility of a planned C-Section as soon as they could. At nearly 38 weeks pregnant, I could tell I was making them all a bit nervous, which in turn was stressing me out. With that appointment finally made, we were on our way to the fire house, super frazzled but only 3 minutes late.

Since then, I have been learning as much as I can about term babies deciding on making a breech presentation and the many, many natural ways one can help the little one turn on their own. I'm pretty willing to try most anything in an attempt to avoid a C-Section, mostly because I cannot fathom the recovery period as we don't have lots of family nearby and David still has to finish up his Masters in the next month. I do have a ECV or a "turning" scheduled for Tuesday early in the AM, but I would be so happy if Mr. Wiggle-meister decided to flip and stay put all on his own.

For now, enjoy this hilarious picture of me at a weird angle lying on a folding table with a pack of frozen lima beans on the top of my belly and a warm bottle of water at the bottom. AND your prayers would be so, so much appreciated. Also, don't forget to get your guesses into the baby pool as this little mister might make an earlier appearance than expected. 

Hopefully I'll be able to check in throughout the week next week, but if I'm not a state to be writing posts, you can always see the short news on either Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks in advance for your prayers, and let me know if I can be offering any intentions up for you as I go through some long days.


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  1. Praying!! Hope that spinny baby turns around!

  2. I can't tell that this helps 100%, but my first baby was breech too and someone advised me to crawl :-D seriously. So I did at home instead of walking whenever I could. At the next Ultrasound the baby was pefectly head down as she should.
    Hope it helps, at least it is jolly and your kids might join too to have fun.

    All the best!

  3. Saying a prayer for you, Sarah.


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