Friday, August 29, 2014

Asthma, Boy Quotes, and Star Wars {7QT}

Friday is here, and I am lacking in post content due to a night of restless sleeplessness followed by a night of worry (more on that in QT #1), so here I give you some Quick Takes whilst linking up with Jen to tide you over until my brain begins connecting thoughts again.


Asthma took down my eldest again this week. We were enjoying a lively last week before school starts for us next Tuesday, and a minor sniffles turned into a full fledge asthma attack in a matter of hours. Poor boy was whisked away to the ER late last night and didn't come home til after 6 this morning. My husband is a saint. I was worried enough as I waited for text message updates from home, but he sat up all night in his hospital after pulling a loooong week wrapping up his Masters paper.

Dominic is back home now and on some meds to keep his breathing and whatnot regulated. Prayers would be appreciated that the new tactics we will be trying work, and if he has another attack, that we are able to catch it before we end up in the ER.


As a treat and mostly as a bribe to keep him as rested and still as possible, we have finally come to one of the moments we have been waiting for as parents. Introducing Star Wars. As two nerds who have married, we have this long list of nerdy things we will one day share with our offspring. From Firefly to Princess Bride to Carcassone, Star Wars is a must on the list and ranks pretty high. And now we can say we've shared it with one more human.

The Force is strong with this one.


And as always my oldest has been full of great quotes these past few weeks:

"Can I eat bacon for all the rest of my days?"

"If I don't eat all the treats I got from aunt Anna and we see a homeless person, I will share with them because they're probably hungry."


And he is not alone.
Blaise, now 2.5, is full of his own one-liners.

"Um, can we go sausage picking?"

"There's two boys in this bed and one boy in Dommie's bed."
Me: "You're right, Blaise. How many boys altogether?"
"There's six boys altogether!"

Prophetic or just bad at math?

He calls snowflakes: "Netflix."

I guess we've watched too many movies this summer.


If you haven't heard about Blessed Is She, go check it out now! The website will be having devotionals as well as the daily readings starting this coming Monday, September 1st. Right on the homepage you can sign up for daily e-mails or subscribe via BlogLovin. Also, check out the InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest accounts to see inspirational pictures, shared articles to challenge you, and other fun to keep you active in your Faith as a Catholic women.

I'm really excited for this project. As a matter of fact, I will be writing some of the devotionals over the year. Many great bloggers you will probably recognize are a part of this awesome resource. Sign up now, so you are ready Monday morning when all the fun begins!


The blogging world has been pretty awesome this week… I recommend you go read the following:

Molly Makes Do :: Judging a Book By Its Cover: My Seven Favorite Children's Book Illustrators

Fountains of Home :: Homeschooling With a Bunch of Little Kids


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And an extra...

And lastly, as per Jen's request, the last song I listened to was:

You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray.

Showtunes are always around when my siblings are in town. This week it's been my 16 year old sister filling our life with dancing, cookies, and all around schnazziness. And one of my brothers is crashing on our couch this week, too. Fun all around.

Linking up with Jen @ Conversion Diary

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