Friday, August 22, 2014

Google Yo'Self.

I've yet to join in on Cari's weekly "Theme Thursday," but this week I just couldn't resist. And since I've been lacking in the blog atmosphere, I figured I owed you guys something, and this was the perfect chance to be a bit narcissistic AND accomplish a quick drop in to say hi.

The week has been the longest ever. I feel I say that way too often for you folks to take me seriously anymore, but really. So. Much. Tired. David's wrapping up the last week ever of his Master's, which has meant long days for him and consequently, long days for me. Also, it's meant he's taken our only vehicle daily, so I'm a bit stir crazy from being locked in with three under 5 year olds all week.

Now onto more about me.

When I Googled myself, I was happy to see there was at least one actual image of ME that showed up. Having a photography business as well as an Etsy shop with my name in the title typically means those are the first hits. This proved true as you'll see by the screen shot in a sec.

First off, here is the number one hit for me:

Obviously not me, but I did take this picture, so I consider it an extension of myself. It's a photograph of a little boy that I daily ran into in the main park in the center of town when I was in Nicaragua working on a photo project during college. 

And then there's this lovely screen shot of the top results.

(You can enlarge it if need be by clicking on it.)

I can claim connection to most of that top line. Not sure what's up with number 6… or the old man at the end of the line? And then, yeah, lots of weird hits in the next four lines. I promise I don't masquerade as an underground boxing champ or video game warrior princess. I cannot ride a horse. And I've never been to Italy.

And there you have it. My contribution to this week's Theme Thursday even though it's Friday.

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  1. This theme Thursday was super fun, wasn't it? I like your entry. Good luck to your other half!

    1. It was! Thanks - he needs all the luck and prayers he can get right now. Thankfully he's confident he'll complete it all. =)

  2. Back in the day, when I googled myself one of the top images was a tombstone that just said, "Mary Susan." Kiiiiinda creepy, hahaha! I love your photography, by the by!

    1. Oh my! That is a bit creepy. I googled my initial… I wonder if it would be different if I put my name in there. Hmmm.
      Thanks! I have a bunch of it printed and matted from when I used to have time to do art shows. I think I'll be selling it at half price sometime in the next season or two. =)


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