Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Grounding Yourself

Hello mamas (and other folk who find themselves here)!

Here we are starting the second week of September, and life seems to be swirling about me. Starting school with Dominic (already in kindergarten - where has the time gone?) a week ago and potty training Blaise alongside a teething Adrian has just made life so, so crazy. I mean it's always got a dose of the cray-cray, but this month seems to be especially so.

You might have caught my last post about how we found ourselves surprised with Dom's 2nd ER visit of this summer. I suppose all ER visits are a surprise, but still, it was out of the blue, and now we are having to be extra vigilant to avoid any asthma attacks. Judging from the two episodes he has had, the attacks are triggered by a common cold.

Obviously, avoiding all germs is a bit whacky of a concept to a family with three small children that still must visit the grocery store and have some form of social life however limited it may be. Instead, I am on the googling warpath to find out all I can about lung and respiratory health and naturally building his little immune system up. I figure the whole family should benefit, but especially Dom.

Enter this: The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. Typically EBooks aren't my thing just because I find them hard to read. I don't have a Kindle or AmazonFire or anything fancy, but I can read them via my computer or add them to Google Drive and flip through on my phone, and that just limits how much time I have to actually sit and read them.

This Bundle has me so excited though because right now I'm stoked about turning our already pretty healthy lifestyle into an even more so one. I'm intrigued by essential oils but have not ventured into that realm too much other than putting them in my house cleaners. Elderberry syrup has caught my eye as a natural immune builder, but I'm sure there are so many other great natural additives to build up the human system.

I already own Haley's book: Feast!, but I'm so excited to see that it's a part of the Bundle. Other awesome titles I cannot wait to include in my collection: Traditional Remedies for Modern Families by Sarah Pope, The Everything Beans Book from Katie Kimball, and all the free gifts you get for only $29.97 (!!!). Want to see everything the Bundle entails: go here.

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle goes on sale tomorrow at 8am, and if you click on the link above you can sign up to be in the know and share with friends to win more awesome stuff. I'm pretty stoked and am looking to finally place some steadfast roots as to how our family will be preparing for the cold and flu season this year.

On a deeper level, I've been pondering the whole idea of grounding my spiritual side each day with the hopes that my physical and emotional side will follow suit.

I have another solution for you… I'm just full of them today. =)

Have you signed up for daily Blessed Is She e-mails? No time for bible studies, need more direction than just reading each days' readings? This is such a beautiful coming together of voices of Catholic women coming from a variety of walks of life. It has been such an easy way for me to have a focus as I read the Church's daily readings and to ground my day to the right place.

Just a blip from today's devotion written by Olivia of To the Heights:
"Do we approach the Lord with that same audacity? Do we come to Him in fervor, in urgency, in confidence? Do we bring our ugliest, dirtiest, most helpless wounds before Him, exposed and vulnerable? Do we unabashedly proclaim our faith in Him and then stake our whole being on that faith?"

I hope this whets your appetite and leaves you wanting more. Read the rest of today's devotion here. Or as I said before join this growing community of women by signing up for the daily e-mail. You can also check out the Facebook page and join in there.

And that's all I got for you today. I know it's mostly a promo type o' post BUT I really think these two things are so great for your home, your family, and most importantly for YOU. If my days get more organized and run a little smoother with less wet puddles about the house, I might have more than one post in a blue moon around these parts.

Hope your back-to-school time in your home is off to a swell start!


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