Friday, December 19, 2014

7 Actually Quick Takes - A Christmas Miracle

As I sit here rocking a teething, cranky yet finally sleeping lil mister back and forth in the the trusty Beco, I figure why not update you on my oh so exciting life in some quick takes. These takes will be as quick as I can crank out before the boy awakens and demands to nurse or chew on my finger or some combo of the sort.


So many fun comments have been coming in from my games you might never have heard of post. Check the comments and the FB page to see even more ideas. I didn't realize so many of you loved games as much as we do. I consider us rather crazy (but fun!) to own so many games. So many in fact that I had to box up some and put in the attic for now because I don't have sufficient storage space!

If you didn't share yet, please let me in on your faves because you know, when I have more creative ways of storing them, I'll be buying more. Or if you have a great way of storing them, that'd be handy, too.


Games make a great gift… mentioned that many time, I know. Buuuuut, it you're still looking for some gift ideas for hard to buy people, here are a few lists I've compiled that even I refer to when I'm stuck. Plus they're Amazon friendly - so free 2 day shipping… should make it in time for Christmas if you order today!

I'll be taking advantage of this shipping because though I am mostly done with shopping and have been for almost a month, I kinda forgot my eldest's book, so if you have any books a 5 year old boy who can read, loves Star Wars, and imaginative humor might like, hit me up!

Stocking Stuffers for the 0-5 crowd 
Wintery Picture Books 
Every Christmas book you might ever want to know about 
and What my kids are getting this year AKA our minimal gift approach


Since listening to one of the episodes on Fountains of Carrots (a podcast celebrating the coming together of two of my favorite people) that talked about dresses in the BBC miniseries context, I've been in the mood to rewatch Downton Abbey Season 4 . I'm way behind in my podcast listening… but I think I'll have enough cooking, baking, and kitchen cleaning ahead of me this next week that I just might catch up on all the goodness.

I still haven't made up my mind where Downton falls in my ranking list… I loved the first two seasons, was meh about the third, think the fourth could have redeemed it… guess I'll just have to watch Season five.

A little more Amazon love: Seasons 1-4 available streaming for Amazon Prime members.

And in case you didn't know, as I didn't until this week, there's also a Christmas at Downton Abbey audio CD. You're welcome.


Speaking of presents and watching and stuff, TONIGHT is the annual watching of 'Elf' and Twitter party with Cari and Dwija. I joined last year and it made the viewing even more fun. #clanunseen Join in!


Looking for a more quiet, focussed activity than live tweeting about a comedy, purchasing last minute gifts, or watching reruns?

Here is some of the grand reading I found about the inter webs this past week - what were you reading? Share cuz I'm amazingly pretty much caught up on my blog reading, and I might need a quiet moment this weekend. ;)

The Donkey // Ana from Time Flies When You're Having Babies

The Ardent Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary // Christy at Fountains of Home

And then go read ALL of the wonderful series Olivia at To the Heights put together on the Marian virtues. So good. Seriously so good. She has wrapped up the series with a great giveaway, too, that's happening now!

On a more practical note: A Budgeting We Go // Jenny from Mama Needs Coffee

A reading challenge for the New Year - who's with me?

Also, please continue to keep the Lenaburg family in your prayers this week as they watch vigil over Courtney as she's living her last few days here on earth.


In case you just need a smile, go watch some of these clips of people tangoing for Papa Francisco in honor of his birthday (a day before mine, so we're practically birthday buddies!)


So yup, it was my birthday. I am now the ripe but not really old age of 28, which reminds me that I owe you, my readers, with some sort of About Me type of page. I should get on that. One of the sweetest things about yesterday: my 5 year old got up and insisted on wearing a button down and his new Star Wars bow tie because he "wanted to look fancy since it's your birthday." Heart. Melt.

This is what I look like at 28. Not much older, but in dire need of a haircut. Thinking about just cutting the back super short… thoughts?

And this boy is my new selfie buddy - he giggles, smiles, and leans right in when he thinks it's picture time. 

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  1. Pictures books for a reading boy:
    anything Little Critter, Alfie series by Shirley Hughes
    Early Chapter books:
    Henry and Mudge
    Ready Freddy Series
    Andrew Lost

    Also,there are several Lego Star Wars easy reader series. Look at some of the easy reader non-fiction - boys sometimes prefer learning about the science and life of our world.

    1. I forgot the Max and Ruby series - boys love how mischievous Max is! And the Froggy series. My kids tended to love series - if they loved one book, they wanted more of that character. Some kids like variety though. Have fun finding books for your little reader!

    2. So many great ideas! Thanks for sharing. Henry and Mudge are a definite fave that we've checked out from the library from time to time. I'll have to look into Lego Star Wars easy reader - that's *right* up his alley. Thanks again for your ideas!


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