Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Keeping Baby Warm, My 5 Favorite Items for the Winter

Coming from Western NY, we've already seen several snow storms come through. Though I'm not from Buffalo and therefore, have not been literally buried in the flakes, it is still the season of layering. With my 3rd infant braving the winds and snows, I have pretty much decided on my favorite ways to keep babies warm.

To me wrangling a baby into a miniature coat just seems ridiculous. If it's too puffy, it's not supposed to be in the carseat anyways. If it's too warm, I'm removing it before I insert said baby into the carrier. Overall, it's really just too much hassle. Instead I've come up with my fave ways to keep baby warm sans a bunting or snowsuit.

Most of it, you'll see, is all about keeping heat contained, so the baby is generating his own body heat, and you're just responsible for keeping it from escaping.

To be noted: this list is mostly for when you're going to other places NOT for when you're spending the majority of your time outside. I'm no expert, so please use your parenting smarts and pay attention to frigid temps and the temperature of your little one at all times. =)


Socks are just one of those things that don't stay on babies. I've tried triple roll, short topped, Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy, Target, and my littlest ones always manage to get them off. Enter these knit moccasins. This particular brand is hand stitched in Sweden by Nowali and they are awesome. A new pair will be making into a certain boy's stocking this Christmas.


These are our MOST flexible winter item. I have a couple sets of the specifically newborn leggings, and then at least 7 pairs of the regular sized ones. Not only is the baby typically in a pair, but my 2.5 year old wears them as a layer under jeans and for snow play, my 5 year old can put them on his arms and tucked into his gloves. There are many brands, but only our pairs from the Baby Legs company have kept up through three kiddos and 5 years. 


Ever tried to keep mittens on a wiggly kid? It's ridiculous. Again this item can go from baby's first mittens through kindergarten. Keeping tiny ones hands covered, I think, is especially hard since they don't tell you when it falls off.


I don't own this exact hat, though I'm sure it'd look cute on any kid and especially mine, BUT get a hat that goes down low, either with ear flaps like this one or that ties/velcros under their chin. I have gotten rid of so many hats because they sit above their ears, which is just all around pointless. Most babies aren't huge fans of having something on their head anyways, so a hat that has a restraint aka velcro system is a must.


And last but not least, the BundleMe. I got one of these before Dominic, my first kiddo, was born, and I've now used it with every baby. Not only does it act as an automatic blanket within the carseat (or stroller if you choose), it also holds in any socks, shoes, or mittens your baby might wriggle out of. A quick zip and your baby is ready to leave the house without trying to tuck countless blankets around their little body. Once in the car, just fold it away from their face, and your safe to go.

Anything you'd add?

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  1. We got the Bundle Me for our first 8 years ago and have used it for all the babies since. It's definitely one of my favorite baby products ever! Thanks for the tip on the mocs...I'll be checking those out!

  2. I am thankful that it doesn't get cold enough here in NC to need this kind of gear, but the baby leg warmers really tickled me (remembering my 80's fashions). The Bundleme looks like an awesome product for cold weather babies.

  3. BABY leg warmers!!! OH my .. so cute!!!


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