Monday, February 23, 2015

Where you can find me today!

Hey there long lost readers!

Technically I'm the long lost one in this situation. Lost, that is, behind piles of snotty hankies, piles of sheets, and rather whiny children who've been kept inside far too long. Last week was a forever go, go, GO! of Adrian finally breaking through his top two teeth. This included 3 nights of waking every 5-15 minutes, which is enough to drive any person crazy. They popped through Monday and Wednesday, and on Tuesday both he and Blaise came down with a cold. The rest of us have stayed relatively well, and the little two are on the mend.

Lent begin in a sneaky little way. I didn't even make it to Ash Wednesday mass because between children I wasn't about to take out of the house, temperatures hovering around 0ยบ, and snowstorms, it just wasn't remotely practical. Instead we set out our grapevine wreath and a homemade beeswax candle, and counted that as decorated for Lent. It's a relief to have one season that is so simple to decorate for, ammaright?

Something akin to Spring visited over the weekend, and we ventured forth both to the zoo and the library. On Sunday, the weather was around 25, and it felt soooooo warm, I didn't even make the boys wear coats. Well, Adrian had to, but you know, when you're a baby, the rules don't always apply to you… All the same it was a day to thaw out some of the frustration from being stuck inside for so long.

Anyhow in all this busy, I have neglected ye old blog more than I would like. I am wanted in the area of Teacher at the moment, so for now, I leave you with a devotion I wrote for today's readings for Blessed Is She.

"Rules, so many rules. At first glance, you, too, will probably notice today’s readings are chock full of rules. Of laws to be adhered to. Of actions we are to take: Feed the hungry. Don’t oppress your neighbor. Clothe the naked. No slandering. Don’t bear grudges.
Being an oldest child, I tend to be a rule follower, yet there’s still that selfish, independent part of me that cringes at someone telling me what to do. I can appreciate structure, but I’m more likely to have my heart in my actions if I have a reason for its importance..."

Read the rest of it here.

Hope your February is continuing on swimmingly, and I will aim to check in again soon!

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  1. I've missed your writing but glad the teeth came through!! Love your BIS reflections!

    1. Thanks! Me, too - man, they took forevah!!!

  2. Hope everyone is feeling better!!! Keep warm.

    1. We are mostly on the mend. Thanks! =)


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