Tuesday, April 21, 2015

For Mamas by Mamas: Your Guide to Creative Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is just a few weeks out, and I don't know about your husband and kids, but sometimes I think mine appreciate a little nudge in the direction of what I might enjoy in terms of gifts.

Typically I don't push for Hallmark holidays to be celebrated, but I think of how hard all the mamas I know work each day. Whether they are moms of one or many, moms who stay home or who are in the workplace, moms who have little kids or grown ones - they all deserve at least one day of appreciation and some little reminders that they are loved and known.

This round up is not fancy, expensive gifts, but rather gifts that are made with love by mamas around the country. Each of these is something I would love to have wrapped up for me, and I hope you find delightful as well. These mamas put their all into their work: both in their business and with their families, and I hope you consider supporting them, if not now, in the future.


Embroidered Necklaces

|| by Jenna of Call Her Happy ||
shop // site // facebook

Jenna's miniature pieces of art to hang about your neck are so unique and perfectly customized to fit many interests - she has foxes and flowers, cameras and the Sacred Heart. Just in time for Mother's Day, she is making custom necklaces with correlating rosebuds to the number of children you have.


Wall Hangings

|| by Cassie of Kent Heartstrings ||
shop // site // facebook // instagram

I know my walls are always dreadfully boring - Cassie's pieces remind me a bit of Navajo art. Each one is so interesting, and if you check out her shop, she also offers jewelry with funky geometric wooden beads.


Blessed is She Goodies

|| by Jenna + Erica ||
shop // site // facebook // instagram

Not only did Jenna start out a great ministry to women all over, but now she has a mini shop that supports the work that Blessed Is She does while reminding women in a tactile way of how special and important they are. Erica's designs are gorgeous and grace the front of not only a comfy T-shirt, but also a lovely journal and a print for your wall.

If you act quickly, today and tomorrow (April 21-22), all items are discounted 40%!!!


Rosaries Aren't {Just} for Teething

|| a book edited by Michele E. Chronister ||
shop (coming soon!!!) // site

This item isn't available just yet, but since it is set for a May 10th release date and I'm watching for the pre-order details, I decided to include it. It looks like a wonderful compilation from Catholic moms including Jenny Uebbing, Christy Isinger, Cari Donaldson, and so many more. See the site for more details as well as to learn more about the pre-order date.


Hand Lettered Fine Art Prints

|| by Katrina of Hatch Prints ||
shop // site // instagram

Katrina is just getting started with her Print business, but the few pieces I've seen out are just so beautiful that I had to include her. Plus she chooses beautifully empowering quotes that highlight how pro-woman the Catholic Church is. Can't get much better than that. I cannot wait to see what else she has in store!


Geometric + Vintage Glass Jewelry

|| by Hannah of Wifeysinger ||
shop // site // // instagram

I own a set of the vintage glass earrings from Hannah that my husband got me for my birthday, and let me just say how much I love them! They're versatile and can be worn out for a dressy evening, but at the same time I often pop them in when I want to feel a little nicer in my grungy jeans while at the playground. I have my eye on several other items in her shop already.


Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

|| by many, many moms including: Haley Stewart, Katie Kimball, and Erin Odom ||

This is a fantastic deal as I raved about in my post yesterday, but it's only available through the 27th, so you have to act quickly if you want to bless the mom in your life with it. So many wonderful books, courses, and bonus offers at your fingertips. It's kind of like the 'Choose-Your-Own-Adventure' version of Mothers' Day gifts. And for only $29.97, that's not bad at all.


Lady Leggings

|| by Nell of Whole Parenting Goods ||
shop // site // Facebook 

Sadly these were so popular that these are actually sold out now. Why did I include them you ask? Mostly because I love my pair so, and I want you to know Nell exists if you didn't before. Though she's out of lady leggings for the time being, her shop has many beautiful items perfect for baby showers, first birthdays, your own children, and more. I look forward to her next line of ladies' treats. 

Do you have a shop that makes awesome gear perfect for Mom? Or do you have a favorite you like to buy from? Please share in the comments - I'm always looking to explore new handmade shops! Happy Gifting!

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  1. Nice choices--the embroidered necklace especially.

  2. You are so kind to include me and you look beautiful in yours!!! I'm glad to know about Hannah! I'll check out her jewelry right away. Thanks for the roundup. Helpful as always!


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