Friday, May 15, 2015

And it Just Keeps Getting Worse {A Week Recap of Stinky Happenings} //7QT

I didn't have anything to write about since so many things have not worked in my favor this week, and I totally didn't plan to complain at you all. Because that would be, well, complain-y.

But then after my 3 year old declared: "Man, today is just a crappy day" I had to ignore his not-so-lovely language and agree with him because oh man, it's been the fake icing on a cruddy cake. Since there are at least 7 things that have been crappy or the balm to soothe my crazy days, I figured I might as well link up with Kelly.

And now hopefully, you can think to yourself, "Wow, my week wasn't that bad!" You're welcome.


As I want to build up to the icing, I shall start with layer numero uno. It's just been one of those weeks that we all have from time to time. Some more than others granted. The weeks where laundry doesn't happen, dishes are EVERYWHERE, you stick to the kitchen floor, and so forth. This week was a bad one for sure… Blaise literally ran out of shorts AND pants.


This is one that might still be waiting to explode in my face.

We were exposed to the dreadful stomach virus. If there's anything I hate going through with children (obviously excepting hospital visits and the like), it's the stomach virus. Small children and their inability to hit the bucket. So. Much. Gross.

This one got a low rating though because although exposed, so far we haven't seen anything. Keeping finger AND toes crossed.


Sometime earlier this week - due my brain being in crazy mode, I can't recall which day - our front passenger side window fell down an inch and has been open that little crack all week. Thankfully, my husband has the skills to fix it. But we were really hoping to sell this car soon, so we could finally get a van and not be squishing into a 5 seater. It's mostly just frustrating that we're continuing to pour money into a car that doesn't work for our family and then it goes and requires more out of us.


I just haven't been able to keep up with anything. Add in some insomnia and a teething nearly one year old to QT#1, and you can get the picture.

Nothing is getting finished. I'm sure much of this has to do with me saying "Yes" to too many projects and having unrealistically high expectations of myself. Both those things are characteristics I am working on, and thankfully there have been a number of friends and bloggy friends who have 'fessed up to similar traits, so I know I'm not alone.

But really I feel like I might as well have a newborn with the amount of sleep and the lack in bathing.


This one's another frustrating combined with delaying stuff combined with money I didn't want to spend now. My phone has finally decided to start slowly biting the dust. Random things just aren't working. Like texting. For a girl who hates making phone calls, this is fairly disastrous. And then the phone call part only works sometimes… so yeah, I've been emailing a lot of people.

Any favorite phone providers/plans out there? My husband's contract is almost up, so we can start shopping around for new plans now.


Still reading? Ready for the icing??? I promise it's a good one.

This picture was taken approximately 5 minutes after we were taking my husband back to work, so he could finish out his work day and we could have the car. It's days like today that having only one car truly seems the worst. Off the highway, taking a right, and we hear a loud pop/bang annnnnnnd the front left drops.

The dang wheel just plumb fell off. Didn't pop or puncture; nope, it popped off. And so there we were sitting on the side of a busy road, 3 wiggly boys staring at our useless vehicle. Thankfully not even ten minutes later, one of David's co-workers drove by and was gracious enough to give the boys and I a ride.

Only to realize after getting to our house that the house keys were still in David's pocket. And I have a prepared dinner set to take to a mama who recently had a baby and no car with which to deliver it.

"Best. Day. Ever." she said in her best sarcastic voice. Or as Blaise put it, "Man, today is just a crappy day."


And now I'm home and cracked into the Magners and Trader Joes crack *ahem* ABC cookies dipped in Nutella halfway through the afternoon.

Because what else ya gonna do after that day?

How's your week going? Tell me something happy and uplifting to brighten up my day. =)

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