Tuesday, May 5, 2009

week 10. day 6.

So, I figure since I invited people to hear updates on our family and what is happening with us, I should at least grace you with one update. = )
Technically I should be doing all kinds of schoolwork, but I also have been blessed with a very free schedule today, soooo I'll get there at some point. For right now, we've been referring to the baby as whatever fruit the silly pregnant emails/magazine updates compare it to each week. So, this week, we are baby kumquat, which I rather enjoy. Also the day in the title post is as accurate as I can guess right now- the doctor and I don't really agree on a duedate, but mine is two days earlier, so that's the one that's up there.
Thus far, not much in the way of excitement has happened. My stomach looks about like I ate two servings too many for dinner. I have bought some roomier clothes just so it can remain an anonymous concept until at least after graduation. I'm still sick pretty much every night... certain nights add some vomiting in there to add to the excitement. Blech. It makes for my photo shoots that are supposed to be happening at night getting canceled often...
Ok, I should be going. There are other things that rank a wee bit higher in the to do list. More later.

Prayer requests at present: we're looking for a house- without mold and with 2 bedrooms
and my stomach, at least until I graduate.


  1. SO EXCITED!! And, sending tons of prayers your way -- for you, David & Baby Kumquat. :D


  2. Also, sooo excited! Hehe, baby kumquat- that's fantastic :P I can't wait until the wee one joins us in the outside world!!!
    much love and prayers :)


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