Sunday, May 31, 2009

week 14. day 4.

Hooray for restful weeks. This has been the first one in the past three months. We also got our keys to our new apartment (one with two bedrooms and enough kitchen space to actually bake) yesterday, so today included cleaning. I am always amazed at what others think is considered "clean." It was gross. David & I re-SoftScrubbed all the kitchen cabinets, doorframes, wood trim, and whatnot.

Tomorrow morning I plan to make a run to Salvation Army to dump what is not needed out of my jeep, and then begin moving the small things. I want to try and move all the things I know I can carry up stairs, which is somewhat limited, but then I think at least most of the kitchen will be done. Perhaps some of my closet as well.

Baby seems to be doing well. I can see him/her a little more each week, but especially so this week- he's (she's) popping out a wee bit. I still loathe the smell of garlic, which faintly I can smell right now in my house... Hmmm, I am guessing David forgot to open the windows this time when eating. He is good, however, about not cooking with it at all. = ) Most of this week I have been feeling a bit better, but yesterday we determined that the baby doesn't share our love for Greek food... at least not at this point.

The next doctor's appointment isn't until mid-June, and that will be a heartbeat hearing once more, and then mid-July will be the date for the first ultrasound, so all those who want to see pictures, note the date, and ask me after that.

Oh and whoever invented the horse sized vitamins is still not my friend.


  1. u were at greek fest werent u?? as was I. Im sorry I didnt see u there. Im glad things are going well and baby is getting bigger.. :)

  2. Yup, we were there last night for maybe an hour and a half... the food was tasty, but didn't sit so well, so we ended up heading out pretty early.


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