Wednesday, July 22, 2009

week 21. day 7.

I shall have to post more belly photos soon- the weight gain has begun.  Little one is about the size of a carrot (a rather large one at 10 1/2 inches long!) as of last Thursday-ish and weighing in at 3/4 pound.  Although he/she weighs nearly nothing, I definitely can see lots of extra tummy.  

I actually ended up buying my first maternity clothes today- mostly tanks that go waaaaay down, and some maternity leggings to go beneath my skirts.  I think I may invest in these belly bands/tummy tubers...  then I can continue wearing some of my looser non-pregnant lady shirts and most of my pants.  Etsy actually has quite the collection of maternity stuff.  Here's a shirt I want to own at some point soon (though my sister did say she was getting it for me when I got pregnant):

I think this one is more fun than most.  = )


  1. oh my gosh i saw this and was TOTALLY going to grab one for you!!


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