Monday, August 31, 2009

week 27. day 5.

An ad that we got in the mail for cord blood banking... probably not going to do CBB as it's super expensive, but still, I thought the photo was humorous.  

David & I took a mini vacation to Toronto for the weekend.  Several of the bathrooms I went in had these signs... why on earth there was a warning against pregnant women with alcohol in the bathrooms, I have no idea.  We had lots of fun, did lots of walking and wandering.  I am now pretty tuckered out and also have gotten my first cold for the fall season.  I think it's only a sinus infection, but with my immune system not up to par, it's a bit intense.  

And lastly, a funny photo of my bellybutton, or rather a photo of my funny bellybutton.  It's popping out all weird, and when I sneeze, it pops out more.  Oh the fun bodily functions one acquires when pregnant...


  1. LOL, how did you find out it pops out more when you sneeze?! :P

  2. well, it does so when I laugh as well. When I was sick a few weeks back though, I kept sneezing, and I always found myself holding my belly, and a few times my hands were near my belly button, and I could feel it. = )


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