Wednesday, September 9, 2009


yet again, a reason why names should be well thought out...  david has already mandated, however, that the baby, if a boy, should have a manly name.  

tonight is birthing class number 2.  we're supposed to learn some techniques for managing pain naturally.  I am hoping this means I am in for many free massages.  my back has been killing me, along with my neck and shoulders, so I am thinking it's about time.  david actually is really good about giving me random massages throughout the week, but still it's nice to look forward to that tonight.  last week's intro class consisted of two hours in horribly uncomfortable chairs watching a power point.  

I am also having to watch my diet because the PA who saw me last appointment freaked out because I gained more than the allowable 2-4 pounds.  she didn't, however, tell me how much I DID gain.  she went on this tirade about how I need to eat mostly green veggies, some fruits, no sweets, salts or starches, and she didn't mention meat...  I honestly am not eating more than before I was pregnant, and I have been watching how much as well as exactly what goes in, so I am taking this with a grain of salt, and just being careful.

anyhoo, with all that talk of food, I am now off to make some dinner- we discovered last week due to horrible parking conditions at the hospital and the conference room being lost somewhere a mile inside of the hospital that we should get there at least fifteen minutes early from now on...

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