Monday, September 21, 2009

Room Decor.

So as many of you know or have heard, I am not really planning on doing too much of a nursery themed room for the bedroom in which the baby (well, mostly his/her stuff) shall abide.  However, the room is somewhat boring at the moment, so I am looking for ways to spruce it up.  I would love some help on this.  

Pieces of furniture at the moment are:
a futon::not associated with baby at all, more for random guests, and so I have somewhere to sit in there and do laundry and whatnot.

a dresser armoire thingy:: to be painted a nice tomato-y red as soon as david finishes stripping the previous layers of paint and finish off.  also my sister has offered to paint the front two doors of it in the style of a sky she did in a mural.
see photo below:

colors shall probably be different and add in more earthy/mexican tones. The colors of most of my house: goldenrod, eggplant, olive green, turquoise, browns, etc...

we plan at some point to add a crib in a nice dark wood stain to the room.  honestly, I plan on keeping the baby in my room until he/she is at least 3 months old since it will be easier for the middle of the night feedings.  

what I am looking for now is some wall art or other ideas for ways to decorate in a creative and pretty cheap way.  we cannot paint the walls or trim, and I don't really sew.  I've been browsing for ideas and even things to purchase.  If you have any ideas or you find something fun online, please share!

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