Saturday, September 12, 2009

week 29. day 3.

Growing, and growing.  Wow- so the baby is now about 2 1/2 pounds.  And I can definitely feel the weight of him/her.  This morning he'd wedged himself in the upper righthand side, basically in my ribs.  Not so comfortable.  I am also feeling movement and kicks and arm whacks nearly all the time.  This made sleeping last night practically impossible.  The little one was going crazy in there.  
Other advances to be seen this week include about a 15 inch height, a growing head to make space for a superbly smart brain (believe me, I have to swallow these weird orange smooshy pills daily for the advancement of his mind), and a huge intake of calcium to help strengthen the bones.

I dragged David along... well he did come rather obligingly actually, considering what he ended up being in for... to a Twins Club of Rochester Sale.  It sounded pretty neat- 25+ moms of twins getting rid of stuff they no longer needed from clothes to cribs to feeding supplies.  I am a sucker for anything used/sale like, so of course this was added to my calendar.  It began at 7:15pm last night, and I think we pulled into the parking lot about 7:30... the completely full parking lot and the 75 person+ line outside the door opened our eyes to see this was not as small as I was originally thinking.  We then stood in line for 25 minutes or so just to get in the door, but it ended up being worth it as for $21.50 we ended up with two pairs of maternity pants and countless outfits mostly from higher end stores.  It made me happy because I hate spending tons of money on things that might end up being worn a total of 3 months.  
In two weeks there is another of these type of sales... but in the Dome Arena, so my guess is about 6-8 times as big... more on that later.

In other news, I have iron deficiency anemia and now have to take yet another pill daily.  I got a green note in the mail on Wednesday informing me of this...  it turns out my mama had it, too, with all her pregnancies.  It's not too serious and fairly common, but it does mean I probably will be fairly exhausted (more so than I am) for the next 2 months, but at least there is nothing preventing me from sleeping right now, and I shall take full advantage of that.  = )

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