Thursday, September 17, 2009

week 30. day 1.

Yay we're 3/4 of the way through!  So, only ten more weeks to go until the little one makes his or her arrival in the world.  According the weekly email, the baby is nearly 3 pounds (compare to a head of cabbage... apparently that whole myth of babies coming from cabbage patches resulted in preemies)

and about 15.7 inches long.  During my nap today, I definitely saw little feet stretching out my belly.  Reminded me of this popular picture:

And while google image searching for the previous photo I found:

Yes, that is a head of a stegosaurus... hung up like a dead deer head.  Weird.
And if you choose to see what else you can buy for a baby, there's a:

Yikes, the things people buy for their children...


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  2. Dr. Seuss was into those fake animal head plaque things too. Except his were more interesting.

  3. yes, much more interesting. If they weren't so stinkin expensive, this one is awesome:

  4. Yes indeed. I wasn't suggesting you should buy one. I mearly posted that link so that could see all the ridiculous things he made. It is kinda neat that someone decided to sell replicas though.


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