Thursday, September 24, 2009

week 31. day 1.

9 weeks to go.  Yes, a countdown is in order.  
Baby now measuring:
16 inches
3.3 pounds

Advances for the week:
head can turn side to side
more activity (oh boy!)

Tomorrow is another HUGE consignment event.  Here's a picture they had posted up on facebook:

It begins at 9am, so I figure I should be there about 8:30 as long lines are promised.  I'm excited though- it's like a Huge yard sale all geared towards babies, children, and pregnant moms.  Apparently this is a twice a year event, so if it's worth it I'll have something to look forward to in the spring.  = )


  1. HOLY HELL. Is this what you were talking about in your text?

  2. now you just gotta post what all you got! we never got to chat about that.. we'll be down again in two weeks, last time before he heads off.


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