Tuesday, November 17, 2009

week 38. day 6.

9 more days, until the due date at least...
It's getting so close! We're mostly ready for little one to arrive as far as furniture set up; car seat ready to go; clothing washed, folded, and put away; other random things done and so forth. I definitely have hit the "nesting" stage, which supposedly is a sign of labor approaching.
David finished up his final for his Masters class yesterday, so now he's as free as he's going to get as far as schedule. My mama and sister also finished up a play they were in this past weekend, so they are a bit more free as well.
As far as physical jumps... the baby dropped last week, so he/she is nice and low in my body, and is head down, facing my back, which is the correct position. It makes it nice as I can breathe a wee bit easier now- this could be connected to my spurts of energy. Internals started a few weeks back (those of you who haven't ever had babies... these are not something to look forward to:: think weekly doctor appointment that is random fingers feeling around... yeah, not comfy at all). Anyhoo, I am completely effaced, which is a bit hard to explain if you don't know what it is. Basically means progress.
My belly is nice and big though it changed shape a bit when the baby dropped. I fit barely any maternity clothes- well, pants, as they just slip off my belly. My feet and ankles are swollen to yack. I pretty much fit only one pair of shoes at this point, and only then with thin socks. But as the end is in sight, I figure I can pull it off a bit longer.

Almost there though, and it is getting excited.
For some answers to commonly asked questions:
Yes, I am ready to be done.
No, we haven't picked any names. We honestly haven't even discussed it much at all since September.
Went with the Mini Co-Sleeper as far as a bed for right now.

Hopefully the posts will be getting MUCH more exciting very, very soon. =)

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