Saturday, January 30, 2010

Diaper Update.

Diaper trials are the BEST idea.  [See 2 posts down]  From the 7 diapers that we tried from Luvaboos, we quickly were able to determine which diapers were not for us as well as which ones we loved.

The not-so-muches:

Happy Heinys MINI One Size Pocket Diaper
This one was way bulky and he leaked out pretty quickly.  I had issues with the snaps as they kept coming undone as I tried to get my wiggly baby done up.

DryBees All In One Hybrid
At first seemed nice and easy- was a simple getting on.  Then it ended up leaking out both sides with just a wet diaper.  Apparently not one that would work with the boy who likes to fill his diapers to their max anyhow.

Thirsties Diaper Cover
Although it's the cheapest of all the choices- it goes over prefolds, which are what most people think of when they think of cloth diaper.  My thoughts on it were that it was extremely bulky, again hard to get on a wiggly baby, and it seemed too many pieces, although still only two.

Pocket diapers, which happened to be what we liked the best are a diaper that have a "pocket" in them, which you stuff an insert in each time.  Inserts can be doubled or made of a different material, such as hemp, to absorb more if and when needed.  The downsides are they are a little pricy, and the whole thing has to be washed each change.

However, these were the winners in our book:
FuzziBuns Perfect Fit
Was easy to get on with snaps that fit into 4 (I think) different size options.  No leakage at all.

BumGenius One Size
So this one is a one size fits all with velcro and snaps for adjustments.  It comes with one insert that worked great, even with the blowout Dominic tried for this diaper.

Thirsties Duo Diaper
Another easy to get on one that held nicely.  Comes with two inserts, one of which is hemp, which is really nice.

Happy Heinys Sized Pocket Diapers
Didn't come with inserts, so had to buy those separately, but still were a good fit and didn't leak and were super simple.

And so the cloth diapering is beginning... I bought 5 for now as well as two wet bags (for holding the diapers prior to washing.  However, I forgot to buy the special detergent, and therefore, was unable to do the initial washing... so, Monday I shall pick that up, and we will really begin.  =)

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