Tuesday, January 19, 2010

trial of the cloth diaper.

I picked up my cloth diaper trial from Luvaboos, a local store selling cloth diapers and more, last Thursday.  I finally got around to washing and prepping them this morning, and then the real trial shall begin.  I am completely open to any of the "styles" of diapers as I really have no idea at this point which shall be easiest, cheapest, worth it the most...  and so forth.  We've been using the Chlorine free diapers up to now since there was so much laundry, and I really just needed to get settled into full time mama first.  Dominic goes through a good 10 diapers a day though, so that is going to be a fair amount of cloth diaper washing.

And we're off... more on how it actually goes later.

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