Saturday, January 30, 2010

an update on life.

So, the apartment is quiet.  David and Dominic are asleep on the couch.  I am waiting for the next 4 minutes and some odd seconds to complete the baking of some pumpkin muffins.  It's almost disturbingly quiet... the only noise is some neighbor's barking dog and the odd ticks of the oven and its temperature changes.
It was a pleasantly productive past week, including some budgeting, laying out of plans, tentative calendar making for the year, and what not.  It looks to be a fairly busy year with at least five weddings, a couple vacations, and probably some weekend trips.  After our many crazy weekends over the past two months, I think I am finally getting to the point I generally know what we'll need, and I can catch up with all the laundry once home.  Dominic continues to be a mostly good traveler- a few bouts of screaming every trip, but when did screaming ever hurt a baby?  We dragged him to his first March for Life in DC this past weekend:

He did well despite the cold wind whipping across his face.  And he got to meet my Irish peoples, which is always a good thing.  We even dragged him out to a hopping Irish pub, which he loved by the way- just goes to prove that he is definitely David's and my child.  (Not that there was any doubt...)

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