Thursday, February 4, 2010

one handed.

I am getting faster, but this one handed typing due to holding a baby in the other arm is still slow going.  I was just looking over my followers for this blog, and I realized the majority were not part of the mama crowd or for that matter- the married gang.  So, sorry if I bore you with random tirades of diapers, chores, and spit up.

Ok, now Dominic is down... I'm somewhat of a bad mother- I let him sleep on his tummy for naps, but he does sleep much better, and it's in the dining/computer/everything room, so I am either in and out of here constantly or a mere seven feet away.  I figure he's safe.

We hit the 2 month mark this week.  He had a check up with the doc on Tuesday and weighed in at 13 pounds and 10 ounces.  His height I think is about 23.5 inches... the nurse first said it was 24.5 and then changed her mind about 5 minutes later.  Anyhoo, he's definitely a growing boy.  75% for both height and weight and 90% for head size... apparently he's got lots of brains.

We've FINALLY really, truly started cloth diapers.  I bought some a week ago, and then got home only to realize that I didn't actually buy the special detergent, so we didn't get very far there.  Yesterday, we stopped by the shop to pick that up as well as a few more diapers.  For some reason, despite the fact that diapers come in a rainbow of color options, I keep picking white.  I think maybe it's something to do with associating white with clean... not sure.

In other homey news, I am attempting a meal menu again.  It definitely saves money and helps the food we do have not to rot as I actually make sure we use it.  So tonight, as I had purchased buttermilk to make whoopie pies earlier in the week, we will be having buttermilk pancakes.  I've also been trying out our new (and much larger) crockpot.  Baked Potato Soup on Tuesday was a success.  Super tasty and full of creamy goodness... (i.e. food coma followed).

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  1. hey lady- i know that when I buy buttermilk I end up throwing away most of it since I only needed like 2 TB for one recipe. If you're like me, I posted on Comestibilis how to make buttermilk with regular milk and vinegar. :)


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