Friday, March 5, 2010

update on olive oil head + a silly story

::so 4 days (right?) and one bath later, the olive oil has left the head, and so has most of the cradle cap.  There's a teeny bit left, so I am planning to use a tip somebody gave me on using a nail brush to scrub gently while shampooing.  As soon as I acquire said nailbrush, I shall give it a try...

And as requested, the story of David and the olive oil.
(I -obviously- wasn't there, so this is the version as I've heard it).

When David was somewheres betwixt the ages of 1 and 2.5, he was a fairly curious child, who fed that curiosity by getting into random things.  Having a Sicilian mom, they bought their olive oil in bulk, and it was stored in a lower level cabinet.  David, one day, found said olive oil, and he didn't just pour it out on the floor... no, he dumped it upon his head.  His mom describes it like picking up a slippery pig as she tried to lift a very oily baby just long enough to transport him into the bathtub.  The picture in my head is still laughing...

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