Monday, May 24, 2010

ob - la - di ob - la - da

This has been stuck in my head the majority of the day...

Not complaining though. =)

It is toasty toasty here in Rochester... only a few weeks back we had a random showing of snow. Apparently the weather wants to keep surprising us this year. Dominic, poor little guy, is not such a fan of the heat. Rashes, crankiness, the works. We have purchased a mini wading pool, but his sitting up is not quite up to par.

BUT he does sit up very well most of the time. He also is working on Tooth #1. My guess is it shall hatch within the week. I sure could use a break from the cranky side he is showing these days. And the "I-want-to-nurse-constantly" nights.

He's growing up to be quite the little man though with many of his own opinions. We have added peas to his diet along with the oatmeal + rice cereal. He ate them fine the first time, but since then, he spits them out the first time. We scoop them off his chin and re-insert, and usually he takes them that time... maybe it tastes better regurgitated?

Anyhoo, time to make some dinner. More later.

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