Tuesday, June 29, 2010

crazy craziness.

Wow- I feel like I might be stuck in a whirlwhind today.  To give you an idea of my day thus far, here's a blip from a gchat with David giving him an update on the morning from a few hours ago:

David: how's the morning been?
 me: crazy
 David: oh?
  I'm sorry
10:06 AM me: not neccessarily bad
10:07 AM more like he was up, peed through his diaper and wet the bed
 David: oh boy
 me: so I just stripped him with plans for a bath in my head
  he played for a bit
  then wanted food
  fed him oatmeal + peaches
  took fairly well to the peaches
  but wanted to play with anything he could reach
10:08 AM afterwards gave him a teething biscuit (hard hard cracker sort of thing)
  he LOVED it
  til it dropped and then went into unhappy baby mode
  recovered it once
  second time decided I was done
  so I tossed him in the bathtub
  to discover he was hiding a wee bit o poop somewhere in his bum
  which came out into the water
10:09 AM so took him out of the plastic tub and just stuck him in the big one
  had to keep him from banging his head into the faucet
  bathed him and removed him
  when I saw you on
  and then heard the velcro...
  and here we are

And yikes!  But, that was the early morning.  Thankfully Dom went down for a morning nap today, and has been sleeping for nearly two hours at this point, which means I got a good amount of other things done.  Now I must go throw dinner together (crock pot-ing it!).  More later...

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