Saturday, June 12, 2010

a day in Ithaca.

We took a little family day trip today which was quite delightful.  It included a stop to taste some wine at Buttonwood Grove Winery, a few hours wandering about Ithaca Commons- which included the discovery of a most fantastic store, Petrune, which sold both vintage as well as up-cycled clothing (will be going back at some point) and lunch at the yummiest sandwich place- Simeon's (my sandwich had avocado hummus...  mmmmm!),  and then finally after a random drive through Cornell University - planning to check out their arboretum but instead getting stopped at every turn due to many reunions,  a stop at Ithaca Falls rounded out our adventure for the day.

So, all in all, a wonderful day.  It ended by coming home and David cooking up some steak served beside salad greens, brie atop mini bread slices, and a glass of wine.  I truly enjoy having these slow paced days, especially when life gets to such a busy state.  I'd wanted to visit Ithaca for at least a day trip since at least March.  We've had something we couldn't get out of every single weekend since the end of March though, so that just wasn't going to happen.

Going to bed slowed down in mind and body and exhausted through and through.  ::glee::

(after hanging up a load of laundry- didn't really think I wouldn't do anything, did you?  But really, it has to happen... mildewing laundry is the worse of two evils.)

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