Monday, June 21, 2010


Ok, so perhaps I am not so diligent in my writings and ramblings.  It's been a crazy weekend though, so that's mostly why.

Today I prepped up some homemade plum baby food for the boy.  I'm enjoying the baby food making thus far- we've done peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, bananas, avocado, and now plums.  We're testing out a few different ways of making it as well as storing it.  A food processor has been an amazing tool, and it's a nice thing to have around the kitchen in other ways.  I used it to make a quick pastry crust last week, and it worked fantastically.  For smaller amounts of baby food we have a little grinder, which my guess is, will come in handy on trips and when out to eat.  Thus far, it's been fantastic for the bananas and avocados.

Note: Neither of those freeze well and need to be ground fresh for each meal.  We learned this the hard way with the former... they taste the same, but man, are they grimy and brown.  I have to mix them into the cereal to make myself ok with the way they look.

As far as storing, one can always use a regular old ice cube tray, and then as soon as the food freezes, pop the cubes out into a ziploc or container.  Our trays are a little fancier.  We tried the Baby Cubes and also the Baby Steps Freezer Trays.  My excuses for going the fancy route:
1.) The lids come in handy when I forget about the food for a day or two, and then it comes out minus any freezer taste.
2.) They stack fabulously- don't think it'd work as well with gooey, not yet frozen, mush.
3.) The Baby Cubes are transportable making them great for day trips without having to plan extra dishes or containers.

I'm still discovering little things with each new food we try (as is obvious with our banana faux pas), but it's fun, and oh so so much cheaper.  I'm still trying to find a sweeter apple because the boy is more into his veggies than fruits.  Not that this is a bad thing, but right now the only sweet sweet fruit he's had is bananas.  The apples and plums I made were more on the tart side.  Ehh, I'll keep trying.

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