Monday, August 16, 2010

Mommy Style

American Baby magazine, in their last issue, had this quiz to ID what particular "mom mode" was most like yours.  I am a sucker for quizzes like this- I think it dates back to elementary school and the early American Girl magazines.  But anyhow, this one was kind of humorous.  You either came out as "A Planner," "An Optimizer," or "A Freewheeler."

I came out right in the middle at the optimizer mode.  Despite my love for plans and planning, I guess I fell in this category because I can also roll with the flow.  And when it comes to mama-ing, I will do things like brush off the pacifier when it falls on the floor (unless it's somewhere uber gross- think PetSmart bathroom and Pediatrician's office).  I aim for bedtimes rather than actually being strict about them.  And, in general, I'm kinda a "well, we'll see how it goes" type of person.

Nice to know I somewhat have it together, but at the same time, am not too anal.  Thank you American Baby.

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