Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Ortiz II. Week 20.

The blog has to be dug from beneath fluffy piles of dust.  Baby II is already halfway through cooking.  It goes much faster, I think, the 2nd time around.  I have also promised photos of the ultrasound to several people.  We got to see the little man 8 days ago, and unlike his older brother, this little guy is not nearly as wiggly and active, but he is proving to be just as stubborn.  The ultrasound technician tried for over 20 minutes, having me roll this way and that, to get the correct spine photo.  So, here is peek #1 at him (yes, we decided to find out this time...)

I think the boys' profiles are similar - here's what Dominic's looked like at this stage.

I am going to attempt a weekly-ish update on our lives on here... we'll see how that goes.  Feel free to follow along if you're interested.

Here are a couple recent photos of my older little man (now 20.5 months old):

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