Thursday, September 8, 2011


Baby O II is a mango this week... in my mind a mango is not all that large, but I guess a good sized one could weigh in around a pound plus a little.  He's a little squirmer in the nighttime, but is still mellow in his movements.  I haven't been getting all that much sleep... well, I sleep - just not for more than 1.5 - 2 hours at a time.  I also have had an early onset of heartburn.  Ugh.  Dom caused quite a bit of heartburn, too.  I have discovered this time around that the perfect heartburn combatting food is melons with Greek yoghurt. Delicious and creamy enough to squelch any burning.

Friends of ours just had a tiny, little girl yesterday.  I've seen pictures, but I cannot wait to meet her and hold her.  My newborn itch has definitely set in.

As has my nesting need.  Our house has been getting TONS of attention this week.  There seem to be a million things coming to mind that can be done to make the house more organized and ready for baby (and hopefully, not too far after, moving).  I can't complain - the energy is there, Dom has been a trooper about playing solo, and tons is happening.  We'll just see how long this lasts...

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