Monday, September 5, 2011

Teeny Bum.

Cannot wait to have the little bum to fill this teensy diaper.  I picked up a couple extra smalls to add to our collection this past Saturday.  We didn't cloth diaper Dom for the first 6 weeks, but since we're already doing the laundry loads for it, it seemed logical to start this little one right off in CDs.  This 
GroVia will also be our first AIO (All in One); previously, we've only used pockets.

Baby is clocking in at a Spaghetti Squash point this week - last Thursday marked 22 weeks.  He weighs nearly a pound at this point!  Yesterday at church, Dominic insisted that I hold him through the service - about halfway through praise songs, I felt a good solid kick on the inside right where Dom was sitting on the outside... brotherly competition has begun.

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